10 popular life hacks that you should forget

Placing a penny helps the flowers in a vase last long

Our life today is so fast paced that somewhere down the line we are all looking for shortcuts. Be it as a solution for a problem or simple to make an action easier, we are all on the lookout for some life hacks. The online world provides us with many. There is literally a life hack for everything you can imagine just with a slight problem.

Not all of them, however, actually work and there are too many fake life hacks. So we take up the responsibility to point out the life hacks you should forget. These weird internet hacks and tricks are important to learn so that you do not waste your precious time on them.

The list of life hacks that you should forget

1.     Separating eggs with water bottles

Separating eggs with water bottlesThe fitness conscious crowd seeks the egg whites and not the yolk. Sadly the egg contains both and it is quite a task to separate them. This life hack claims to separate eggs using water bottles by using the force created by the vacuum and leaving you with only the white after sucking up the yolk. However when you actually try it out you will realize that the eggs in reality go everywhere. The good old way of poring it into the other shell till the yolk is separated is still our best bet.

2.     Stainless steel gets rid of smells

This is among the many fake life hacks that people have followed over time. There is this practice prevalent among many that they rub off their hands on steel to get rid of fish or garlic smells. Even kitchen shops have expensive stainless steel utensils believing on this theory. However, if you take our word, this hack has no scientific basis and does not work. Instead washing your hand in lemon juice or vinegar the conventional way, works wonders.

3.     Amplifying phone sounds with homemade stands


toilet paper roll Image Source : dingo.care2.com

This features very high in the list of life hacks you should forget. There has been this online DIY video which teaches you to make this phone stand from push pins and toilet paper rolls. It’s a cute effort but bears no results as we have tested. A much better effect can be had by placing the phone in a bowl such that the speaker points down. In case you are seeking a louder noise, simply use a stainless steel bowl.

4.     Using wooden spoon over a pot helps it boil faster

This is one the very ancient hacks used by cooks and old ladies. Unfortunately, it is completely baseless and all those who cared to follow it have been wasting precious time and resources all this while. This has no scientific backing to it and is clearly one of those DIY tips that don’t work.

5.     Stem a strawberry using a straw

Stem a strawberry using a strawTheoretically this is as amusing and convenient technique to remove the stem from a strawberry. So, in case you are wondering why we have placed this fine idea among life hacks that you should forget, let us tell you the whole story. When you try this out in reality, the straw is extremely hard to pass through the hard strawberry. Even if you do finally manage to do so, you would end up with sore hand and a lot of your valuable time wasted.

6.     Making pancakes using a ketchup bottle

They say that when you clean out a ketchup bottle it helps create pancake animals. Although it sounds to be a fairly easy way of doing so, in reality a ketchup bottle is very hard to clean out. This is thus not an easy task and is clearly not among the easier ones. No wonder it is one of those life hacks that you should forget. You can easily make fancy shaped pancakes by using a cookie cutter instead, or by pouring the batter into the shape.

7.     Placing a penny helps the flowers in a vase last long

Placing a penny helps the flowers in a vase last longThis isn’t exactly wrong. The only problem to this hack is that the penny must have been manufactured before 1981 when copper coins were prevalent. Copper does keep bacteria away. But unless you possess such an old penny, the modern steel penny would do you no good in this regard. You can rather try out some vodka with a pinch of sugar for this purpose and get expected results.

8.     A cupcake is easier to eat when cut in half

This is one of the most weird internet hacks and tricks because the frosting spurts all over the place afterwards. So trying to push the frosting inside after halving a cupcake isn’t the brightest of ideas and you would much rather have it the regular way like it was supposed to be consumed.

9.     Keeping batteries in the fridge

 Keeping batteries in the fridgeBatteries are actually much better off at the room temperature if you take our word. The fridge is way too cool for a battery and instead of providing it longevity there is good chance that it would damage the battery. If anything, try keeping your perfumes in the fridge. It actually helps in making your perfume last long. As for the battery just let it be in the room like it should be.

10.  Use of dryer sheet to get grime out of pans

Grime stuck in the pan makes for a tough task at hand. However, if you believe in the hack that suggests you to use drier sheets on them overnight, you actually risk making it a lot worse. Instead of the dryer sheet, if you use cola and pour it in the pan for the night it has a better effect. The cola actually eats through the grime and even through the rust. Probably a better choice to clear grime than as a beverage isn’t it?

Final words

We sincerely hope that our information on the DIY tips that don’t work will be of good use. These fake life hacks are of no use and thus the faster you can forget these, the better you can remember the actually useful ones. Enjoy your new found knowledge and never repeat the same mistakes in case you were following any previously.

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