4 ways to stay balanced on top of your paddle board

stay balanced on top of your paddle board

For most people, achieving that elusive balance while atop a paddle board seems like a mere mirage. Standing on the board might be easy but maintaining perfect balance takes time and practice. Paddle-boarding is a fun exercise that not only increases your strength and endurance but also offers a healthy cardio workout.

If you desire to start participating in this fun sport, it’s important to get the Best inflatable paddle board.There’s all the reasons to start riding on your paddle board. But to succeed at it, you first have to learn how you can maintain proper balance.

Here are 4 ways to stay balanced on top of your paddle board:

1.Use the right starting technique

If you’re just beginning, it’s crucial to learn the best balancing technique before heading out to deep waters. It’s wise to start off on the shallow end or from a dock. This will allow you to position yourself properly on the paddle board and achieve balance. When starting on shallow waters, kneel on the center of your paddle board and push yourself forward. This ensures that your board remains flat and doesn’t tip over. It always helps to sit or kneel when launching or landing from a dock.

  1. Paddle into the wind

The direction you face when paddling matters a great deal. If you’re moving in the wind’s direction, maintaining your balance will be quite taxing. You’ll constantly be resisting the wind’s gusts beating against your back. It’s a better idea to paddle into the wind. This way, you can anchor yourself accordingly to get enough support as you paddle. Consider the prevailing weather conditions before getting your paddle board into deep waters. In any situation, avoidheading out when there’s a looming storm or when the wind’s too strong.

  1. Ride in rough waters

stay balanced on top of your paddle boardWhen you’re ready to up the ante, try riding your paddle board in more challenging waters. This will be the ultimate test of your balancing prowess. Head into the lake when there’s strong wind and let the water crash onto the surface of your board as you paddle. To maintain your balance and avoid tipping your board, you’ll be prompted to shift your weight frequently. Riding in harsh tides will not only improve your balance but also exercise your legs immensely. You can maintain control of your board by stepping a few inches back, lifting it partially from the water.

        4. Avoid standing on one foot

To maintain basic balance, it’s crucial to ensure you stand using both feet. Moving along the paddle board could be tricky if you’re riding, mainly because it involves lifting your foot. However, there’s an easier way to move around: hobble with both feet like a rabbit. This will prevent you from rocking the board, allowing you to remain balanced. Turning the board is usually tricky at first – you need to apply your body weight at the board’s tail end to sink it, then gradually paddle till you achieve the desired position.

These 4 tips will help you to remain balanced on top of your paddle board whenever you ride.

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