10 steps to get celebs like tanned looks

The first and foremost benefit of tanning is that tanned skin looks really good. This is the main reason why most celebrities pay thousand of dollars for getting that perfect tan. A golden tan can drastically enhance any person’s personality and appearance. Apart from it, tanning has other benefits also. It is also a very healthy exercise as tanning provides the vital vitamin D to your body which is necessary for bone formation and other physiological processes of the body and can help in avoiding diseases like hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. A well undertaken session of tanning is also very relaxing and enjoyable. The process is very easy to undertake and any person can enjoy benefits of tanning.

Tan Looks

Most people undertake tanning as the white color doesn’t suit their skin during summer season. The perfect tan can be achieved by exploring the artificial and natural rays of products for tanning that are easily available in the market. Tanning can turn out to be harmful also as sun rays are sometimes very intense and can harm the skin. Though the skin gets tanned, the body gets the side effects in the form of wrinkles, severe skin related problems and even skin cancer. This occurs because of the ultraviolet rays of the skin which damage the skin tissues severely. By following the below given steps, you will be able to avoid skin damage while tanning your skin.

Step 1.

You must exfoliate your skin before actually tanning it. This process can be undertaken by using the abrasive skin cleaner. The sponge can be used for rubbing off and removing the dead cells. Once the fresh and new skin gets ample exposure, the even tan will be attained without any excessive burning.

Step 2.

Moisturizing the skin is very important before applying any kind of tanning product to it. It should be applied on the skin areas where there are patches of thick and dry skin. Mostly they are those areas which are found in the knees, ankles, joints, elbows and the side of wrists. Those people who have oily skin must avoid the oil moisturizers.

Step 3.

For avoiding skin damage, proper tanning product must be selected. A sunless tanning lotion gives your skin a natural tanning effect. The application of these products must be done in an even and light manner which will help the tan to appear natural.

Step 4.

The skin should be exposed to the sun for the whole day and then a cool bath must be taken. You can apply the moisturizer after the bath. The pores of the skin will be closed and it will give a glowing and healthier look to your skin.

Step 5.

While taking the tan you can apply the anti-wrinkle and sunscreen creams. Many people consider them as obstacles of tanning. This is a wrong notion as they help in preventing the powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun to harm the skin. Further, the use of these creams ensures that there is no burning and peeling and the skin also does not gets splotchy and uneven.

Step 6.

One must avoid choosing a wrong shade for the skin. There have been examples when women have chosen wrong shades of self tanning lotion for tanning their skin. If the skin is fair, you can choose a light shaded skin tanning lotion and if the skin is of medium color, a medium one can be used. It is important to clean the dead cells and then apply the skin tanning lotion. Great results are achieved when the application is on the fresh and new skin.

Step 7.

You must have a clean shave before you go for a perfect tan. It makes the process of application of tanning lotion much easier as the skin gets smooth. The tan remains smooth and natural even after long periods. Your attractiveness will increase in leaps and bounds and you will have a glowing, clean shaven and tanned skin.

Step 8.

Be careful about the level and amount of tanning lotion applied. The advise is to use the lotion in sparing amounts. This will help in preventing the uneven blotches and streaks which are signs of fake tan. It will also help in preventing the skin from getting too dark or discolored. The thick layer areas of the skin should not undergo this kind of application.

Step 9.

Allow the skin to dry completely after putting the lotion on. After the drying process gets complete you can put on the clothes. Any kind of hard work or strenuous activity must be avoided for after one hour of application of skin tanning lotion. A strenuous activity during this period might result in sweating which can further cause steaks that are highly damaging the skin.

Step 10.

Proper following of these steps will ensure that the skin does not get spoiled in the long run and the looks of the face are not affected adversely. If that happens you might have to undergo plastic surgery.

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