Ball game error: 10 Most expensive sports divorces

They say marriages are made in heaven, but sometimes things turn sour. All that seems to look good doesn’t really end up well. And, when there is a lot of money involved be ready for some courtroom drama. Sports stars are known to handle the game on field. But, once off field, even they are naive enough to let the game slip away. The world has witnessed many sport celebs succumb to the pressure of marriage. And along with their partners, they also lose a fair share of their income as well.

Kim Kardashian with Kris Humphries

Here is a list of the top 10 costly sports divorces:

1. Kim kardashian and kris humphries: The Hollywood actor and the NBA star tied the knot on Aug 20, 2011 and just 72 days later on Oct 31, 2011 Kardashian filed for divorced. A pre nupital agreement saved both of them from losing any of their fortune.

2. Tiger woods: The golf star and wife Elin Nordegren got divorced after the former was caught cheating on her. Nordegren walked away with $100 million in settlement.

3. Justine henin: Belgium tennis star Justine Henin divorced her husband in 2007. The divorce costed her $9 million.

4. Mike tyson: The Boxing legend has lost more than $20 million in two different divorce settlements.

5. Chris evert: Another female tennis star ended her 18 year marriage and lost $7 million in settlement.

6. Jose canseco: Baseball player Jose Canseco divorced twice which cost him around $8 million.

7. Lance armstrong: Celebrated Cyclist Lance Armstrong filed for divorce in 2003 and had to shell out $14 million.

8. Micheal jordan: The great basketball legend lost $168 million, the highest ever lost in a celebrity divorce.

9. Jeff gordon: The NASCAR star lost $15.3 million with the sale of his two homes.

10. Greg norman: Australian golfer filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage and lost $105 million.

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