12 Movies that help your child to learn empathy

Not every movie ends at a positive note- especially in case where we do not know much about the experience, community or topic.  Though it may be easier for adults to navigate but is quite tricky for kids to handle. To make the situation easy to handle, here we have rounded up a few films that could help your children learn empathy and leads to a positive emotional development over resilience, diversity, integrity, kindness and curiosity. This will not only encourage your kids to navigate their life with wisdom but will also make conversation with them easier. Scroll down through the following list of movies that teach kindness to the kids and arrange plans to watch along with them.

  1. Disney Tangled:If you are looking for a Disney princess animation, this film is a great choice as it is beyond some outdated versions of the films made beforehand. This Rapunzel version is a film about compassion, kindness, curiousness, brightness and optimism even with the hardships she has in her life. Flynn on the other hand is a great example of integrity and growth despite of the wrongdoings done before. The recommended age for this movie is 4+.
  2. Up:
    The movie Up is all about a beautiful and timeless friendship. The movie shows images of a healthy and happy marriage where the value of multigenerational connections could be seen. Though a few moments of sorrow and sadness are there in the movie, it is absolutely a heart-warming and uplifting film than anything else. This is a film about compassion which is visually stunning which help your children learn empathy. The movie is recommended to be seen by the children above 6 years of age.
  3. Inside out:

    The movie inside out involves major transitions in life, coping up with emotions and how the control can be regained over them. This will let your kids understand their mood as well as that of others. Children above the age of 6 are advised to see it.
  4. Imba Means Sing:

    Imba means Sing is an inspiring and heart-warming documentary which reinforces the educational value. It involves the children of Uganda as they head towards the world tour with a choir of African children. There are 3 main protagonists who ultimately process all the transformations occurring over the tour. This movie could greatly help your children learn empathy. Children of 8 or above age must see this film.
  5. Wonder:

    It is an adaptation of a famous novel of R.J. Palacio called Wonder. It involves a child who wants to belong with all others and tells us the ways of how we can connect with one another, even though we are not same. It involves positive emotional development and teaches acceptance, compassion and empathy to the people who are living inside. Kids with age 8 and above must see this film.
  6. Akeelah and the Bee:
    The movie is great to help your children learn empathy as it involves a clever girl hailed from south L.A. who qualifies in the National spelling Bee. You will see here an inspiring view of the community connection and support. It shows a great example of membership as well. People with age 8 or above must see this movie.
  7. Freaky Friday:
    The movie portrays a teenage daughter and a mum who constantly misunderstands and butt heads each other’s views. It is an old time story. But the twist is that they wake up from the bodies of each other and are forced to remain in shoes of each other until they could switch back. This ultimately makes the movie gain appreciation for the hardships, moods and priorities shown by it. Recommended age for the movie is 8 and above.
  8. Remember the Titans:
    Remember the Titans is an amazing movie that tells the integration story by a football team of a high school. The movie dives into a broad issue of class and race along with honing of the personal dynamics and relationships while playing in a newly constituted team. Kids with 9 years of age must watch this movie.
  9. Kindness is contagious:
    This is one of those movies that teach kindness, makes us feel good and cry out with tears of joy. The movies involves interviewing of many people regarding an act of kindness did to them by anyone and how their life changed to better by it. This shows how a better world is created by kindness. This is a must to watch film for the children with 9 years of age or above.
  10. Team of katwe:

    The story starts with a 10- year old Phiona who lives in the slums of Uganda and struggles each day. One day she met a man who taught her how to play chess. She has a natural talent, passion and curiosity for the game and with his mentorship; she became one of the best players in the tournaments. She became a role model by exhibiting her ambition, loyalty and strength throughout. Watching this movie could help your children learn empathy. The recommended age for the movie is 9 and above.
  11. To all the boys I’ve loved before:
    To all the boys I’ve loved before is a movie of up- coming age which is all about a girl from high school named Lara Jean whose fantasies of romance get leaked to all those she ever had love interest in. She is a caring, family- oriented and intelligent women who grows up with courage and confidence throughout the film. Kids with age above 11 years are recommended to see this.
  12. Billy Elliot:

    This is a story of a brave and talented young boy who broke the gender stereotypes for pursuing his dancing passion. This is a good example for those who want their children to get encouraged and raise their voice against conformity and intolerance. Children above 11 should watch this movie.

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