5 – Books that would definitely improve your relationship

The Relationship Cure by Dr. John M. Gottman

One of the best feelings in the world is being in love. And who doesn’t want a life that is filled with love, where one is always surrounded by the people they love. Even people who are not currently attached are looking for ways to grab an opportunity at finding a better love life for themselves.

That means that despite however hard it may seem, it is very much possible to work to improve your relationship. According to human evolution, man, as a species, is a social animal and thrives in a society. Which means that living divorced from any form of relationships is extremely hard.

And it is a great thing that people with a lot of experience in this domain have written books to help people navigate this part of life.

Here is a list of five must read books that would definitely improve your relationship with people and help you create and maintain a successful marriage.

  1. Top of the pile must read books to improve your relationship –The Five Love Languages by Gary D Chapman
    The Five Love Languages by Gary D Chapman – This is one of the most highly recommended book by relationship advisors and therapists all across the globe. One of the many reasons why this book really works is because it does not have a ‘one solution heals all’ approach to it. This classic written by Dr. Gary Chapman emphasizes on the fact that even though every person is different, the cycle of every relationship is the same. To best define a person, he says that every person has a different ‘love language’ which can be broadly classified in five imminent domains. The good doctor is able to classify the needs and desires of almost all and provides solid and practical methods to create effective relationships. This books helps you identify your own love language, that of your partner and the one you two share. Giving this book a close read will help you create a close connection with your partner.
  2. Another top of the pile must read books to improve your relationship –The Relationship Cure by Dr. John M. GottmanThe Relationship Cure by Dr. John M. Gottman – Gottman is one of the best relationship coaches all over the globe whose advice helps unlock better love lives. He may not be Dr. Phil famous but he is famous nonetheless. He has written his fair share of books on love and relationships and his advice will never steer you in the wrong direction when you are trying to build a successful marriage. This book emphasizes on understanding each person’s emotional quotient and working on that to forge more emotionally secure connections. He says that while some connections are automatic, some have to be created. Over 20 years of proven research back up his approach to build workable and positive relationships.
  3. Learn the language of life to improve your relationship –
    Non-violent Communication by Marshall B. RosenbergNon-violent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg – This book hangs finely on the scale of balance. Because people do not have a unanimous decision on whether they love or hate this book. But what you will agree with is this: The truth is often difficult to hear and may make people hate you if you tell it to them straight. If they don’t tell you the truth, well then you know there is something really wrong there. The book emphasizes on understanding the thing your partner says and focusing on the things that they do not say. It also urges to communicate with your partner and clarifies that it is one of the pillars that a healthy relationship is built upon. It states that the key of any relationship is not just in asking question but rather asking the right questions and getting the right answers for them.
  4. Find your way to a better love life with Boundaries by Anne Katherine –Find your way to a better love life with Boundaries by Anne KatherineYou may often hear it but most therapists suggest that a key aspect of most healthy relationships is boundaries. The author, Anne Katherine who has multiple books on the same topic, explains the various kinds of boundaries each one of us broaches in almost all the relationships in our lives. She also gives a practical approach to tackle each such boundary as and when it comes up. She also explains how to communicate the concept of boundaries to the other person in the relationship. The best part of this book is that it explains everything in a manner that a person who is not very socially aware may also find it easy to understand and implement it in real life.
  5. Games people play by Eric Berne –Games people play by Eric BerneEven though this book primarily focuses in psychology, its findings on human interactions and human inter-personal behavior is highly enlightening. The book gives an insight into the lives of people and the games they play around and with each other. The book also tells the reader how to not become a part of other people’s games and how not to play one themselves. It also lays emphasis on how to bring both parties that are in a relationship on equal footing.

Final Words

Most of the relationships in our lives are not just essential for our survival but are also integral to our emotional well-being and overall happiness. As with most things in life, even love feels more intense when it is shared with someone. But, we are never properly trained for how to navigate relationships in our lives and mostly just imitate what we see around us. Therefore, it is important for us to educate ourselves about all these things as well because things that may work for us at the workplace generally do not work out for things at home.

The written word is very powerful as it impresses upon us the gravity of the wisdom that the hold. That is why books, of any kind, have a huge impact on our minds. Books give us a sense of having a personal relationship with us while explaining the most difficult situations to us in a manner that each of us understand and interpret differently. But books help us out in the difficult situations in our life.

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