13 TV Shows you need to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The sheer number of TV shows and movies available on Amazon Prime Video leave us spoilt for choice. However, there is a downside, that most of our time goes in scrolling through the numerous lists of TV shows rather than watching them. So here is a list that saves you this trouble by giving you 13 TV shows you definitely need to watch on Amazon Prime video.

The X-Files (All Seasons)

With the arrival of the new X-Files series, you can gain easy access to all the seasons and episodes of the original series which deals with paranormal investigation. Covering a time span of about 150 hours, the series will bring back our favorite paranormal investigators and their friends.

The Falls (Season I and II)

Broadcasted by BBC originally, ‘the Falls’ is a tense drama set in Belfast. Centering on two intensely contradictory characters, the complex detective Gillian Anderson and the obsessive serial killer Jamie Dornan, this psychological thriller is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Vikings (Season I, II, III and IV)


If you are more of the hardcore type and prefer fights, wars, and bloodsheds to romcoms or family dramas, then Vikings is right up your alley. Considered by many to show some of the best battle scenes ever shown on TV, the Vikings centers on legendary raider Ragnar Lothbrok and his journey from a mere farmer to a fierce Viking warrior.


The reenactment of the psycho thriller movie of the same name, Hannibal centers on Will Graham, an FBI profiler who is hell bent on catching serial killers while bordering on a mental breakdown himself. Showing some of the goriest sights on television, the series is also praiseworthy for its intricate set designs and the performances of the lead actors.

The Sopranos

Who didn’t love The Sopranos? The Sopranos is a family drama at heart which centers on the head of a family, Tony Soprano and his tryst with his family members as well as the underworld in a series of dramatic, violent, scheming and emblematic series.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a television series that aims to focus on information technology, as well as the people who control this technology. The show centers on a security engineer/ vigilante hacker Elliot Alderson and his encounter with an activist hacker called Mr. Robot. What follows is a nail-biting cyber thriller which delves between paranoia, espionage, and realism.

The Kettering Incident

A young girl in a small town called Kettering disappears in the midst of bright lights hovering in the sky. A time gap of 15 years sees Anna Macy, her friend, return back to Kettering to witness a bitter battle between environmentalists and logging companies. Things escalate with the disappearance of another girl, with the story taking a leap into the ghostly world of Tasmania. A gripping narrative filled with characters who hide their own secrets and agendas finds The Kettering Incident a must watch.

Orphan Black

This critically acclaimed television series centers on Sarah who meets someone who looks just like her. Sarah sets out on a journey to find answers, only to discover that she is just one of countless clones that have been created as part of an experiment. The fast-paced thriller sees Sarah inviting the grudge of the corporation that created her, with another mysterious organization out to kill her for the secrets she has uncovered.

American Horror Story

Based on Ryan Murphy’s novel of the same name, American Horror Story has successfully completed several seasons, with each season surpassing the one before. Each season features a mini- series with its own storyline and cast of characters. Moreover, each season has something different to offer for viewers, from witches, covens, and haunted houses to insane asylums and what not. Featuring lavish sets and power packed performances, the series is a must watch for those who love horror.

Batman: The Animated Series

Your kids will definitely love Batman: The Animated Series which features Gotham’s own superhero who prefers to work in the dark. With some wonderfully etched animation scenes and a gripping storyline, the series is every bit a child’s fantasy as it is a grown up’s too.

Shaun the Sheep

What’s so special about a flock of sheep running around a farm you ask? Well for one, it doesn’t come with the exuberant makeup, over the top characters and the high pitched musical scores of many children’s shows today. It is simple, funny and surprisingly quite entertaining to watch for a couple of hours.



This long running series has been widely respected for its examination of science related subjects with great clarity. It features interviews and discussions with several renowned scholars and scientists about topics that range from simple day to day observations to complex genetics.

Sesame Street

The show that an entire generation grew up watching, Sesame Street is everyone’s favorite. Centering on the characters and Muppets who live and interact with each other in an urban street, the series features pictures, songs, action films and short animation videos that will keep your kids entertained for hours.


There are just so many things to watch on Amazon Prime these days. Instead of wasting your time flicking over the numerous channels, take your pick from these 13 series which have proved their worth with viewers around the world.

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