2013-14 Scandals in Hollywood that Changed the Way We Saw Celebs

The year 2013-14 was no less fraught with celebrity scandals hovering around the Tinseltown and while many may have been fabricated, they nevertheless did not cease to amuse us with their innate thrill and gripping headlines they made. From being dissipated of endorsement deals and accusing a half-sister to showering of apologies and continuing saga of an alleged molestation case by a foster father, the list seems endless and formidable enough to change our notions about these Hollywood celebs.


Paula Deen’s Racism Scandal:

She may have all it takes to make her a perfect culinary connoisseur in kitchen but celebrity chef Paula Deen’s gross racist remarks ripped her off all her valuable endorsement deals of which she was so was so proud. From Walmart’s merchandise offers to partnerships with high-profile food organizations like Kmart, Sears and Walgreens, it seems Paula is hardly left with anything to tag with her apparent celebrity status.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen Molestation Controversy:

Revered director Woody Allen who mesmerized us with his impeccable films like Crimes and Misdemeanors, Manhattan, Love and Death, Midnight in Paris among others could not stave off scandals from embezzling and blemishing his celebrity stature either. Since the time the director’s adopted and estranged daughter stepped into the scenario to allegedly blame her father for molesting her as a child, the hullabaloo surrounding the scandal has been hovering over the glitz and glamour world.

The daughter, Dylan Farrow quipped, “For 20 years, I have never wavered in describing what he did to me. I will carry the memories of surviving these experiences for the rest of my life.”The latest development in this controversy was witnessed when the director’s bronze statue in Oveido, Spain was vandalized by some Spanish locals blaming Allen of pedophilic activities. The protestation went to the extent of pasting posters in front of the statue and covering the head with a garbage bag which had to be brought down by the city officials. Whether Dylan Farrow’s accusations of her dad are to be believed or whether we should free our minds of any such allegations put against our respected director considering them a part and parcel of notorious celebrity life is something only time can tell.


Justin Bieber Scandals:

The moment Justin Bieber’s careless demeanor of stepping onto and kicking the sacred Argentine flag went viral on the net, the singer was at the receiving end of a lot of flak. Bieber had used his foot along with the microphone stand to carelessly swish away the flag of his way at a recent show in Buenos Aires and indubitably the incident gave rise to a lot of uproar. However, no sooner did he come to know of this that the singer barged on Twitter to put forth his apologies saying he would never indulge in any such things that would degrade his fans or any country. The young pop star also got linked to another porn scandal where he was captured on a surveillance video installed at a strip club in Australian city of Queensland with two strippers in compromising acts.

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