Best Dressed Indian Politicians-How Far Is India Moved By Their Fashion Sense?

When we hear the term Indian Politics and fashion, we immediately think about a person donning either plain saris or a kurta payjamas in varying shades of grey and white. While there are no rules that govern what our politicians should wear, Indian politicians still take home the trophy for their bad dressing sense. A lot of things have changed since then and today we have a number of politicians who take the extra effort to ensure that they look graceful, elegant by wearing clothes of certain styles and colors. So, who exactly are these head turners with an exceptional sense of dressing?


Tharoor Thrills

The first politician who takes the lead in this race is Sashi Tharoor. This London-born politician really knows how to put his best foot forward. He does not seem to be very big fan of the mundus and dhotis that we are so used to seeing on many of our clumsily attired politicians. From Kerela, his wardrobe consists of colorful kurtas, sober coats and well tailored waist coat that make him the best dressed politician in India’s political history.


Vibrant Chowdhury

Another politician worthy of the ‘best dressed’ label is Renuka Chowdhury, who never seems to make any mistakes in the right choice of colors ranging from blues, maroons and reds. She manages to carry off every thing with grace making her among the best dressed lady politicians. As Indians, we are proud to call her our own. Her sense of dressing can be attributed to her college days when she had a brief stint as a model.

Female Leadership - World Economic Forum - India Economic Summit 2010

Youth Icon Sangma

Agatha Sangma who is representative of the youth of this country and this can also be seen in her dressing sense. She chooses to mostly wear trousers, casual and formal shirts. There are many occasions when she has stolen the spotlight in traditional garments, such as the oath taking ceremony. She also wears salwar suits but more of a fan of western outfits that are smart and trendy.


Desi Cool Pilot

Sachin Pilot is another name that comes to mind when we think of the rocking Indian political fashion sense. He is always spotted in well pressed suits and kurta pyjamas but exhibits a sense of elegance in each of his public appearances. We also adds a bit of his Rajasthani culture in the clothes that he wears, usually with a bandhini turban that in a vibrant shade of red. It seems that he has inherited his father’s sense of style and fashion.

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