$2600 worth of burglary at the Novello’s Pizzeria

folod tghiefAfter a chain of food crimes, the recent food crime is a burglary of more than $2600 worth of cheese, salami sticks, and tomato sauce. Previously there was a burglary of crabs, followed by a burglar pocketing cocaine in cheese and a model who mistook a piece of white cheese for cocaine committed a similar crime.

This theft took place at Novello’s Pizza, at a Smithfield Township pizzeria Tuesday on the Milford Road, and the burglar caused $10,000 worth of damage while rushing out of a walk-in-cooler. He carried along with him 10 cases of mozzarella cheese, three blocks of yellow cheese, and four cases of tomato sauces and assorted other restaurant items.

The burglar already knew what to take, he might not be taking so much for his peers, but a possibility of the burglar carrying the items for a sale, stands prominently. Well, the thief might not have got very wealthy, but I am sure the pizzeria in the Milford Road might have gone a bit crunch.
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