3 A-list tips to look like your fave celebs

When everyone else is admiring A-list celebs as they glide along the red carpet, we’re taking notes. When those same celebs stop for an interview, we flash a magnifying glass along the television to see what kind of makeup they’re wearing. And when they mention a designer we’ve never heard of, we head straight to Google to discover what they’re talking about.

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Why do we do this? So that we can bring you the finest in beauty advice!

Indeed, 2015 has been a stellar year for celebrity fashion. The Star Wars premiere brought out the frocks in full force, while the Cannes Film Festival was embroiled in controversy after it refused to let female guests wear any shoe that wasn’t a high heel.

But where does that leave you, glamour-obsessed reader? Well, if you read on, you’ll find some of the best beauty and fashion tips to emerge from the red carpet. Whether you incorporate them into your costume for your work’s night out or your New Year’s Hootenanny, you’ll look fantastic.

The finest formulas


Celebrities seem to waltz into the high life looking like the height of perfection. Yet, the reality is far less simple. Tinseltown is well-known for high-end plastic surgeons and relentless personal trainers. A-listers aren’t so much born into beauty as thrust into it with an almost religious zeal.

You won’t have to put in that amount of effort, however. We’ve tracked down a formula to give your face a moisturised feel – and help you lose some of that double chin you’ve been harbouring.

The product’s called SubdPerricone and it works wonders on people who want to tighten the skin tissue on their neck. This, as well as a few other skincare remedies, can help you look spectacular at any gathering.

Couture is king

Couture is king

The red carpet is a land of luxury, where fashion can afford to be extortionate. Couture from fashion labels as diverse as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior (Jennifer Lawrence sported that for the premiere of Joy) and Chanel is sported by even the most minor celebs.

Unless you’re brimming with cash, you don’t have to shell out for couture to obtain an equivalent look. Hunt through your local high street and you’ll find clothes that are almost identical to those worn by Lawrence and co.

Mix it up

Mix it up

The latest Star Wars, well, star Daisy Ridley has been making bold decisions on the red carpet – mainly by adding variety to every outfit she wears. She’s had Dior pantsuits, Chanel gowns and Mary Karantzou minis that have brightened up a carpet thronged by Stormtroopers.

Take a leaf from her book – mixing things up a bit can be a great way to keep a fresh look. You’ll always surprise and impress people with your variety of outfits.

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