3 Ways to Dramatically Increase Booth Visitors at Your Next Trade Show

Trade Show

In a sense, trade shows are hyper-magnified microcosm of the competitive business landscape: hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of businesses set up booths, and strive to generate attention and attract visitors. As in the world outside the trade show space, some businesses succeed in achieving ROI, while other struggle to even recover their exhibitor and travel costs.


It goes without saying that for your next trade show appearance (and all subsequent appearances) you need to be among the successful vs. the struggling. To that end, here are 3 proven and practical ways to dramatically increase the count of your booth visitors:

  1. Have a Contest 

The most beloved word in the business world is “free”, and the second is “win”. Combine those two and you have the secret formula — a.k.a. a contest — for driving traffic to your booth. Just ensure that you choose a prize (or suite of prizes) that are impressive and unique; just like your business. For example, you can offer the grand prize winner a ride in a classy, upscale limo-style party bus, which will get your brand remembered for all of the right reasons.

  1. Don’t Just Talk: Educate!

Instead of waiting (and hoping) for visitors to make their way to your booth and ask questions, grab the reigns and be proactive by delivering seminars or workshops. Just make sure that the subject matter is relevant to your target audience, and that your message is “brand neutral”. That is, while you’ll obviously talk about problems and solutions that are in your wheelhouse, don’t lean too far towards your own products and services, or else your seminar/workshop will come across like an advertorial or informercial.

  1. Create an App
     Mobile App

Getting on people’s radar screens is only half the story: you need to stay top-of-mind as well, which can be extremely challenging when hundreds or thousands of other businesses want to do the same. Creating a mobile app is a great way to stay connected with trade show visitors, and keep them updated on everything from contests and seminars/workshops (as noted above), as well as other helpful trade show information (e.g. hotel information, nearby attractions, airport shuttle schedules, etc.). And don’t be alarmed if the idea of creating an app sound prohibitively expensive. That was the case several years ago, but these days it’s possible to get a functional, impressive app put together for a surprisingly affordable price.

The Bottom Line 

Trade shows are investments and opportunities. Applying one, some or better yet, all of the tips can help ensure that you generate plenty of traffic, fill your pipeline, and enjoy significant ROI!

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