IIPM Scam: The Great Indian Nightmare!

In the last few weeks, we have been reading the news of the IIPM fraud in propaganda campaign of the institute run by Arindam Chaudhury. In fact, there hasn’t been so much about it in the print media as it has been on the Internet.

After Rashmi Bansal’s expose in JAM magazine that was seconded by many bloggers after researching facts and investigating the matter like Thalassa_Mikra, KAASHYAPEYA, Gaurav Sabnis etc., IIPM filed lawsuits in tune of crores of rupees against JAM and Sabnis. Not only that, IIPM allegedly tried intimidating Gaurav’s employers – IBM to ask Gaurav take off his personal blog! Then sprouted the IIPM chamchas’ blogs (no URLs here for kiddy writers & chamchas).
arindam malay
Instead of filing lawsuits against bloggers and online magazines, IIPM could have done much better if they came out with strong refutations with facts rebutting the contents of the bloggers that went against it.

Ex-IIPM students (who volunteered to share inside information with us) that the degree of IIPM fraud is much larger than the ones cited/pointed out in the abovementioned blogs and JAM. It goes much beyond that. IIPM can be given the names of the ex-students only if they come up with a court order.

What is even more appalling is the fact that this raging controversy has hardly found any mention in the Indian national dailies in which IIPM runs full-page ads running into millions on an everyday basis. Going by Gaurav Sabnis’ report one can’t help but assume that IIPM using arm-twisting tactics to stifle the news. So much to let the truth prevail!!

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