4 Critical Reasons to Only Hire Pros for Big Repairs

4 Critical Reasons to Only Hire Pros for Big Repairs

Whether you’re experiencing large equipment failure or a personal inconvenience, like a leaky roof, your best bet is to hire a professional for the job. Do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs can be great for small issues, but you can run into trouble with bigger repairs if you don’t have a certain level of expertise.

1. Large equipment can malfunction with DIY repairs

There’s a big difference between learning how to fix a leaky toilet and trying to figure out how to repair a large piece of equipment. There’s not much at stake while fixing a toilet – if you can’t get it right, you can always call a plumber. However, if you or someone you know makes repairs to large equipment, you might not even know it’s been done incorrectly until something goes wrong. In that case, the consequences can be serious and may even damage the equipment beyond repair.

For example, if you have a transformer that needs to be serviced, you should always call a professional with a track record of excellence. A true expert will do more than just try to sell you a replacement. They’ll ensure that your existing unit gets proper repairs, or they’ll get you a replacement that will last for many years to come. In either case, they’ll properly diagnose the problem and you will get exactly what you need without any guesswork.

2. You don’t know what you don’t know

When working outside of your expertise, there will always be information outside of your awareness that you don’t even know exists. It could be as small as not knowing the difference between two similar components or not knowing there’s a specific order in which certain tasks need to be executed. It could also be much larger, like not knowing which materials are superior and thinking the cheapest option is “good enough.” For example, many DIYers use 3-tab shingles for their roof, not knowing that the cheap price tag reflects the quality, too.

In every industry, there is a heap of information outsiders won’t know. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of preference, but often, it can impact safety and longevity. Professionals make their jobs look easy, but don’t let that fool you because that’s the result of their training and extensive experience. It’s easier to pay a professional and not have to wonder if you did everything correctly.

3. Broken safety and fire codes have consequences

There’s a significant chance that doing your own repairs will end in some kind of safety or fire code violation. It’s inevitable because building codes are highly complex and even professionals sometimes struggle to keep up.

Building codes exist for a reason and they’re not arbitrary. If you don’t follow the codes, you could end up creating a hazard. For example, there are tens of thousands of electrical fires every year caused by improper repairs, often DIY jobs.

One of the biggest problems with DIY electricians is that they are under the impression that if they can connect everything and make it work, then the job is done. Without having been trained as an electrician, they are missing out on basic knowledge that is required for safety.

4. Improper repair jobs can be costly

When you’re considering taking on a big repair yourself to save money, there’s a good chance someone else will have to redo your work. This is common when people try to repair or install their own HVAC systems. There’s a reason HVAC techs train for a long time before venturing out on their own – there’s a lot to learn.

In addition to needing to hire a professional to fix your mistakes, you can also end up damaging the equipment you’re trying to repair. This happens frequently with appliances, like washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. People fix what seem like minor issues, not knowing there’s a much bigger underlying problem.

Another reason DIY repair jobs can end up costing you more in the long run is because, most of the time, you’ll need to buy expensive specialty tools for the job that you’ll never use again.

Learning to make repairs online is risky

The internet is full of advice for completing just about any repair job you can imagine. There are countless tutorials made by amateurs with no formal training, and that’s where things get dangerous. Some of the content is published by actual professionals, but it’s still risky to dive into big repairs without any training.

Instead of trying to do everything yourself to save a few bucks, skip the risk and hire a professional to get the job done correctly (and safely) the first time.

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