4 Remarkable scientific breakthroughs of 2015

The year 2015 has seen numerous technological breakthroughs, which are propelling tech with advanced revolutionary triumphs. From flying cars and humanoids to growing brains on dishes, the previous year was ridiculously flooded with extraordinary technologies that are beyond the imagination of ordinary human mind.

This clearly means we’re slowly heading towards super advanced era.There were so many extraordinary digital breakthroughs in 2015 that we can’t even squeeze all of them in this article. So, we’ve compiled just a small list of our favorites from the past year.

Mini brains

At Brown University

Image Source : News.Brown.Edu

At Brown University, researchers have found out a way to createminiature sphere of central nervous system tissue. It has been constructed from skin cells that develop human tissues on petri dishes. These tissues can further match genetic terms of a fully developed embryonic human brain.

According to scientists, this mini brain or brain organoid is capable of answering the questions why and how people get affected by brain cancer, Parkinson’s, autism and other brain related disorders.

Supercharged Photosynthesis

Small sprout of corn plant in black soil on a filed

Geneticists have created advanced genetic tools that could help agriculturists in enhancing their crop yields for feeding billions of people around the world. The supercharged process is termed as C4 photosynthesis, which will increase the growth of plants and crops by capturing carbon dioxide and concentrating the collected CO2in specialized cells in the leaves.

This way plants will be able to get adequate amount of energy for photosynthesis without much efforts. Due to the C4 process, more superior quality, nutritious food crops will be generated in less time.

Self-driving car

Self-driving car Google

Image Source : Google.Co.In

Automobile advancement that stirred every human mind is when Google launched its self-driving car. Well, this is an electric car that can be operated without the need of an actual driver. The driverless car is embedded with a combination of software and sensors. All thanks to the integrated software and sensors, the driverless car can smoothly driving move. Meanwhile, for directions digital maps and other intelligent sensors are also incorporated into the system.


flying cars, like AeroMobil

Image Source : AeroMobil.Com

2015 has also seen the rise of flying cars, like AeroMobil. This vehicle is more like a plane that’s able to drive. Such flying cars would be beneficial in future to reduce traffic jam problems. But as for now, the technology needs to be approved with both road and air certifications. We’re eagerly waiting for this one to hit the market soon.

Taking the world by storm, these futuristic advancements are meant to heighten consumers’ lives in literally unexpected ways. With unbelievable advancements each year, we can undoubtedly say that our future is going to be immensely high-tech.

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