Delicious ice cream recipes that you cannot resist

Ice cream is the perfect choice to brighten your mood may it be summers or winters. It is an excellent dessert that offers enormous flavors. If you are an ice cream lover and like eating new flavors, here are some of the delicious mouthwatering ice cream recipes you can try.

No churn orange ice cream

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Citrus fruits add a spark to winters and so does the citrus flavors. The no churn orange ice cream is simple and easy to make. All that is required is a combination of an orange, lime, powdered sugar and cream.

Cinnamon maple ice cream

Cinnamon is warm by its nature and the best spice for winters. When mixed with cream and maple syrup, a healthy dessert is formed.

Roasted banana ice cream

You can prepare roasted banana ice cream by following some easy and convenient steps. First, chop some bananas; add melted butter and brown sugar to it. Leave the mixture in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes and let it roast. Stir frequently to get the healthy treat.

Chocolate ice cream

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This delicious dessertis a blend of three ingredients in the right proportion. Chocolate as indicated by the name is the main ingredient along with cream and condensed milk.Mix chocolate with condensed milk and add whipped cream to have the dessert ready. Freeze for two hours and enjoy the delicious confection.

Blueberry muffin ice cream

Baked goods are the specialty of blueberry muffin ice creams.Blueberry cooked in sugar syrup adds texture to the baked vanilla,brown sugar and brown butter whereas muffins serve as the toppings.

Christmas pudding ice cream

It is an egg-based ice cream with lots of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.Dry fruits enhance the flavor with a touch of brandy. Mix the yolk, spices and sugar with hot milk. Whisk gently and allow it to heat until the custard is ready. Chill for 6 hours and at last add dry fruits.

Ice creams are for all seasons.They make the perfect summer and winter desserts by enhancing your taste. You can make fresh homemade ice creams by adding new flavors everytime and give a frozen treat to your children, friends and family. These incredibly delicious recipes are easy to make and can serve as a holiday feast, after dinner desserts by taking cream to a new level.

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