5 Ads with out-of-the box concept

When it comes to spreading a message, nothing can beat the credible medium of television advertisements. As there is no dearth of ads in TV, it turns tedious for the makers to increase the recall value of the ads. Thankfully, there do exist some ads that are not only out-of-the-box, but solve the purpose of social awareness as well. Here is the collection of 5 such television advertisements that made an impact and compelled the audience to take a note.

Rotomac: “Haath Uthao”

With the pen nicely tuck at the back of his shirt (very much like his sunglasses) Salman Khan brought his star power in this advertisement. ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’ is the essence of this commercial and it urges the viewers, especially the young generation to realize the power that a pen holds. Showing a great way of performing duty with style, the Rotomac advertisement surely stands out.

Idea 3G: “Sab Bol De”

‘An Idea can change your life’, the idea campaign has been making ads following the same thought and the ‘Sab Bol De’ ad is one that truly stands out. The story revolves around an eyewitness who saw a murder and recorded the whole scene on his phone. Too scared to stand up for what’s right, he gets the idea to use his phone and internet to spread the news. The advertisement ends on an emotional note, when people step out of their houses in support till the murderers are punished. The idea of using 3G internet in such a way, truly is an ‘idea’ that stands apart.

Nerolac: “Duniya ko jab sajana ho”

The ad starts with a man spitting on the wall which is against the civic manners and shows how painting the stain, can change the look of the world. The age old Nerolac jingle, ‘Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho, Deewaron ko jab sajana ho’ has been modified to fit in a global message. The new Nerolac song resonates the theme, ‘It’s time to change the world’ and SRK promoting this, is like the icing on the cake.

Nokia c200: “Do not compromise”

Another advertisement with a social message is the Nokia c200, ‘Do not compromise’. This ad also aims at the young generation and the values of honesty that still reside in us. One student who won’t compromise with the examination papers being stolen and in turn informs the media. Despite the problems, a ‘no compromise attitude’ with Nokia c200 is worth inspiring.

Tata tea: “Jaago Re”

The Tata Tea ‘Jago Re’ advertisement campaign has definitely created waves. The ad urges the people to wake up and take notice instead of complaining and doing nothing. The ad is crisp and engages the audience immediately. No wonder, people are taking a notice and waking up to the call. The focus of attention is again the young generation, the future of our country and the keepers of tomorrow.

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