5 Career Ideas for People Who Love Art

Career Ideas for People Who Love Art

For those who are passionate about art, it can be tough to determine a career path which allows for artistic expression and freedom while still allowing you to earn an income. Although it might seem difficult to make an income as an artist, having a passion for art and being a talented artist can play a role in many careers.

A few jobs for people who love art include:

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic DesignerWhile this might seem obvious, graphic design is a great field to go into if you are an artist with a passion for drawing or general design. Many brands need an in-house graphic designer to supervise the creation and distribution of graphics or other images for their company’s social media, merchandise, and more, and having a talented artist who can create such imagery on their own is a huge plus.

2. Interior Designer

Two interior designers working in the officeThose with an eye for design or artistic detail often make great interior designers, working freelance or for a company like keyinteriors.us! From arranging furniture to determining the final color scheme of a particular room, designing the interior of a home requires a high level of creativity and artistic ability which makes this the perfect career path for those interested in art.

3. Makeup Artist

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow on a girlThe only difference between painting a canvas and painting a face is the products and materials used by a professional. Those who are interested in painting should look into a career as a makeup artist, as the most critically acclaimed and successful makeup artists often have a background in art. Express yourself and your ideas while making people look great!

4. Art Teacher

Male Pupil In High School Art Class With Teacher PaintingShare your love of art with others by becoming an art teacher! This is an especially great option for anyone who is also passionate about working with children, as art teachers are needed for classes of all ages around the country. This job would not only allow you to express yourself creatively by constantly making new art, but would give you the rewarding opportunity to train a generation of future artists just like yourself.

5. Animator


If you want to work in a more creative industry, becoming an animation artist might be the job for you! Whether you find yourself developing animation for video games, TV, movies, or more, this is one of the best jobs for those who want to showcase their creativity while working in the entertainment industry.

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