5 Celebrities who have grappled with issues of substance abuse

Drug or alcohol abuse and addiction is a serious issue that has been observed all over the world and nations are trying hard to deal with the same. And, the fact that many famous personalities and celebs have been addicted to some or other form of substances in not any more a secret. In fact, millions of fans all over the globe have suffered the loss of their favorite celebs all because of this very habit of drug or alcohol overdoses. From Lindsay Lohan to Whitney Houston, here are some of the most disgraceful celebrity addiction facts.

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Image Source : Wallbervation.Com

Who could forget the most adorable, cute little child actress who won millions of hearts through her phenomenal work in the Disney movies? However, this incredible star had to face serious discredit due to her cocaine and alcohol abuse, and she has been incarcerated for these actions. However, as per a report of March 2015, Lindsay is now supposed to be free of all her addictions and is a better human being thereafter.

  1. Michael Phelps

 Michael Phelps

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Sports fans, all over the world were deeply shocked when, Michael Phelps the great swimmer and one of the most honored Olympian of all times confessed to the entire world about his alcohol overdose and his announcement of being admitted to a rehab. Phelps was charged against driving while being heavily drunk. Phelps’ tweet that said he is planning to take a break from the sport to participate in a program that would help him better understand himself, further confirmed the news of his alcohol addiction.

  1. Angelina Jolie

 Angelina Jolie

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Drug addictions, cocaine over use, attempt to suicide are very synonymous with this extremely attractive and highly gifted actress. Angie had always been very open about her substance abuse and finds her-self lucky that she was able to combat the same. However, a recent video revealed by her former drug dealer caused great distress in her fans since the video showed how restless and desperate the actress was for cocaine.

  1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Image Source : PakistaniFun.Com

Justin was arrested and put behind bars at the Miami Jail for rash driving after being heavily drunk and even confessed that he consumed Marijuana along with the alcohol and prescription medication.

  1. Whitney Houston

 Whitney Houston

Image Source : HdWallpaperSmart.Com

Whitney Houston had a long fight against her drug abuse but was not fortunate enough. This celebrated singer was found dead inside a hotel at Los Angeles on February 11, 2012 due to the over intake of cocaine.

These real life stories warn us to be careful not to get addicted to drug or alcohol and teaches us that with string courage, determination and will power, you can still fight back all the problems of your life including substance abuse.

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