5 Celebrities Who Make a Killing from Beauty

You just need to scroll through Instagram to see how much influence celebrities and vloggers are having on beauty trends. Fans follow every move of their favourite accounts, with products selling out in minutes of being posted. It isn’t slowing down any time soon either with more and more influencer collaborations happening in the beauty world.

My Voucher Codes recently took a look at some of the ladies making a killing in the beauty world, and what they’re doing to achieve this. These ladies are earning big money, and don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon!

Kim Kardashian West

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It makes sense to start with the one of the biggest names on the planet, Mrs. Kim Kardashian West. Her beauty empire is mainly the Kardashian Kollection, reportedly worth £2.82 million.

This isn’t much of a surprise considering Kim has an Instagram following of over 86 million who she updates daily. These followers hang on her every move, and rush out to buy new products as they are announced. 

Kylie Jenner 

The youngest of beauty’s most famous family is Kylie Jenner. She’s catching up on Kim in a big way, already earning £16.5 million from her Lip Kits. The buzz around new drops of the luxurious liquid lipstick kits is monumental, cementing her status as Queen of Beauty in the Kardashian-Jenner household.

Sharing her 2-hour beauty routine with her Snapchat fans has also been a clever move for Kylie, with millions copying her perfectly contoured looks. 

Michelle Phan 

But you don’t need to be from a famous family to build up a dedicated following. The rise of the YouTube beauty vlogger has meant these everyday experts share their tips and recommendations online daily.

Michelle Phan is one of YouTube’s most famous stars, pulling in $2.1 million a year thanks to her dedicated 6 million strong audiences. The Boston native has published a bestselling book and sold out countless appearances to cash in on her influence.


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In the UK there is no beauty blogger bigger than Zoella. She earns a whopping £500,000 per month with 4 million subscribers tuning into her YouTube vlog. Going strong since 2009, she has offered tips and tricks to her subscribers around beauty, fashion and daily life.

She has also made the move from YouTube to print, her debut novel Girl Online was released in November 2014 and broke the record for highest first-week sales of a first-time novelist. 

Tanya Burr

Another UK beauty blogger raking in the big money is Tanya Burr. Vlogging since 2009, she has amassed an impressive 2.8 million subscribers. Since then she has sat front row at Mulberry and Topshop shows, and landed a front cover of Glamour magazine. Not bad for someone who started off replicating celebrity beauty looks on YouTube!

Tanya reportedly earns £20,000 per month from her videos and Tanya Burr Cosmetics line. She has also tried her hand at books, releasing two guides to beauty and baking in 2015 and 2016.

The world of beauty has gotten even bigger in recent years thanks to social media, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. These ladies are the ones dominating the game, but who else do you rate?

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