5 Hollywood Celebs Who Don’t Mind Getting Naked On The Big Screen

Hollywood stars like Shia LaBeouf and Salma Hayek never shy away from roles that want them to appear totally naked. Here is a list of 5 Hollywood celebs that don’t mind getting nude for a role that asks for it.

Celebs Who Don’t Mind Going Nude

  1. Julianne Moore

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    Julianne has a very gleaming Hollywood career. Winner of an Emmy and Oscar, the actress doesn’t shy away from challenging roles that demand her to drop all her clothes on the big screen. Throughout her career, she has appeared nude a number of times in movies like Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, The End of the Affair, and The Kids are Alright. Her first nude scene was in 1993’s Body of Evidence.

  2. Kiera Knightley

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    Kiera Knightley is the nominee for several Oscars and Golden Globes.She gave her first nude scene when she was only 16 in the movie The Hole. The actress gained wide critical acclaim for her portrayal of the rebellious Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie series. Until now, the British actress has given nude scenes for a number of films, including Doctor Zhivago, The Jacket, The Edge of Love, and Dangerous Method.

  3. Michael Fassbender

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    Michal is the same guy who played the role of young Magneto in the X-Men movies Days of Future Past and X-Men Apocalypse, and the eccentric future robo in the sci-fi thriller Prometheus. Fassbender kickstarted his showtime career with a nude scene in a commercial for SAS airlines. He again went nude for Hunger and Shame. His role as a sick nymphomaniac in the latter gained him critical appreciation from fans and critics alike.

  4. Salma Hayek

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    Hayek is one the boldest Hollywood stars that never turn away from intimidating roles like the one she played in Frida. She first rose to mainstream popularity back in the 90s and today she has become one of the most iconic Hollywood stars. Throughout her carrier, that span almost 3 decades, she has given nude scenes in movies like Ask the Dust, Desperado, The Velocity of Gary, and Wild Wild West.

  5. Shia LaBeouf

    Best known for his lead role in the Transformers movies, Shia is one of the most promising young Hollywood stars. LaBeouf has been down to acting from a very young age. He began acting from Disney’s hit show Even Stevens. Till this date, Shia has gone nude for Charlie Countryman and Nymphomaniac.

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