8 Celebrities Who Root For Donald Trump

A lot has been said and written about US President-elect Donald Trump. And even though Donald Trump has been criticized quite often with his way of words and actions, there are several celebrities who want him to become the next American president. Here’s why.

Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin has been quite vocal about her support for Donald Trump and has time and again revealed how his presidency will help eradicate status quo and how his team will definitely end up kicking ISIS ass.

Charlie Sheen


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He is known for his lifestyle and the controversies that arose out of the same than his onscreen stints. The loose cannon that he is, Charlie Sheen has shown his support for Donald Trump by saying that if Trump were to become America’s next president, he would gladly become his running mate aka VP in a heartbeat. However, it is to be noted that it was the same Sheen who had earlier tweeted that Trump was a sad and silly homunculus as well as a shame pile of idiocy.

Mike Tyson

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The ace boxer and former heavyweight champion believes that Trump as president of the United States would mean something new and more businesslike for a country, with no color discrimination.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

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Former model for Calvin Klein and reality TV star Antonio Sabato Jr. roots for Trump, equating the latter to unity and a force that will create a unified America that provides justice and liberty for all. He also believes that protecting the citizens of the country via secure borders is the responsibility of a country’s government. And he believes that Trump will get the U.S. back on track by getting the job done.

Tom Brady

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Real estate developer and reality star Tom Brady has also voiced his support for Donald Trump in a not so all out endorsement. Playing rather safe, the star quarterback has also shown his admiration for Trump and reveals the latter has sponsors and everything else to help him out.

Jesse Ventura

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A former pro wrestler, action movie star and Navy SEAL as well as the governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura is also one of the most well-known conspiracy theorists the world has ever seen. Although he chooses to be a neutral party in the elections, he has said that if Trump were to win the Republican nomination as well as the presidency, then he would like to become the running mate.

Dennis Rodman

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A good friend of Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman feels that the U.S. does not need another president, but rather, a businessman. As a celebrated weirdo, Rodman feels that Trump will be a better choice for the U.S. president than Hillary Clinton for the same reason.

Bruce Willis

Hollywood star Bruce Willis showcased support for Donald Trump openly when he wore a suit, hat and a Trump wig to the Jimmy Fallon show. While he is a conservative individual at heart and feels Trump will be a better choice for America, he still bristles when someone asks him whether he is a Republican at heart. Rather, he says he is apolitical. 

Donald Trump has a lot of support in the celebrity world in the form of celebs who have openly come out to display their affection for the contender.

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