5 Hollywood movie prejudices that refuse to die

Hollywood is famous for making the unimaginable look real. Though Hollywood has modernized with time and experience, still there are some old prejudices which exist in its backroom which go unnoticed by the general public. Here are the 5 Hollywood movie prejudices that refuse to die.

1. They still can’t show a black man dating a white woman

Black Man and White Woman_1

If you watch English movies, it would be hard for you to recall when did you see the last mainstream movie having a black guy with a white lady. Though exceptions are always there as the cast of black man with white woman are chosen in the movies which want to give message on racism.

On the other hand, try recalling a movie which had a white guy with a black lady and you will have a long list ( excluding the movies that give message on racism ). Some of the such movies are The Bodyguard, Die Another Day, The Score, Mission Impossible II, The Princess and the Frog, Star Trek the movie and many more.

The thought “Black men taking white women” is so ingrained that Cameron Diaz lost her lead role in the movie Hitch where she was to work with Will Smith. D.W. Griffith’s movie was a hit because he knew how to strike a chord of terror with white audiences. In today’s era, Hollywood works hard to avoid even accidentally touching the same chord.

2. Only the pretty girls are allowed to live

Movie Prejudices_1

With the passage of time,the audiences have become accustomed to watching a “strong woman” character in a mainstream action movie, kicking off all the bad guys on their faces. But still there is something common in all these tough survivor girls. In one movie, you will find those characters who are more feminine in nature are first to die. While in another movie, you will find just the opposite.

The real deal is that only the pretty girls are allowed to live till the end of the movie. Those women who have developed their career as action stars such as Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theronm, Milla Jovovich and all other, are pretty in the most feminine way possible.

3. Movies are still prudish about some subjects

Movie Prejudices_2

If you watch mainstream movies, you will find that they will always have something prudent about female sexuality. Now that is a complete prejudice. The movie Boys Don’t Cry got an NC-17 rating from MPAA because of the scenes in which the female becoming sexually active was shown for a prolonged period. While on the other hand, Scary Movie easily got a rating of R even though it had scenes of female sexuality. To avoid getting an NC-17 rating from MPAA for the movie Body of Evidence, a single two minute scene had to be cut.

The point is that if you want the scene of sexuality to get a green light, then you need to make it graphically more violent. In the same context, the movie Last House on the Left, got away with an R rating as it had a graphic rape scene.

4. If it’s a blockbuster, the star better be white (or Will Smith)

Will Smith

If you are asked to name a movie in which the good guys is black, you will name a lot of movies such as Danny Glover being the cop in Saw, Carl Weathers being one of the squad in Predator. Now think about how many of them survived till the end? None. You will find that in every mainstream movie, the black character dies, whether it is in Terminator or the “black” robot in Transformers. But there are some movies you may find the black guy alive, only if he is a superstar like Will Smith or Eddie Murphy.

5. We still don’t care about history that doesn’t involve white people

Movie Prejudices_5

If you have watched the movie 300, you will find that when the movie is to speak about the triumph of a minority character, it instead speaks all the time about the white people who saved him. In the movie The Blind Side, a movie based upon Michael Oher, a poor black kid who was adopted by a wealthy white family. The movie is all about the white family. Michael Oher is just a thing that needs to be added in the movie and not an actual character.

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