5 most popular personalized gift ideas for kids

Gifts always thrill people of all ages and kids squealing in delight are a source of perpetual joy. Children naturally get very excited at the very notion of receiving a gift and the glitter in their eyes when they receive one is a thrill to watch and see.  Personalized gifts only heighten their excitement further and bring utmost joy to the giver.  There a number of bright colored and attractive gift ideas for kids of all ages and both genders that can be given as personalized gifts. Despite the generic stereotyping of pink for girls and blue for boys there can be color mixes that can attract the attention of kids of both the genders.

There is numerous brands custom to each location that vies for the attention of shoppers looking out for kid gift ideas. Thanks to online business now-a-days there a number of shopping sites those offer great gift ideas to children for all ages and budgets.

5 great personalized kids’ gifts


One great personalized gift for a new born could be a photo frame with a birth date print. This captures all the details of the new born child and is great keep sake.  This gift idea is a wooden frame with a lovely printed card that holds all the details like the date, time of birth, weight at birth etc.  Further personalization can be done by adding a foot print or a hand print of the toddler and this adds excitement when gifted and always brings back nostalgia when looked at closely.

When the child is old enough to pull along stringed toys an excellent thoughtful personalized gift could be a name train that would have the name of the child on it. This is again keep sake and can be stored for almost the entire life of the individual bringing back powerful lovely nostalgia whenever held or looked at.


Little children look very cute in lovely dresses. Imagine dressing them up in bright colored clothes that are personalized with their names. T-shirts can even be customized to add their favorite player and their jersey number. This will surely excite the kids to no end and keep them glowing at all times, whenever the look themselves in the mirror wearing this!

As the little toddler grows into the nursery one very thoughtful gift idea could be a personalized tote bag or a back pack. Imagine the child carrying a back pack with its name on it.  This also has a positive side effect – the teacher and the care takers at school would be able easily identify the little owner of the bags instantaneously!


Imagine sleeping on cushions with your name on it. Parents can actually spin nice bed time stories keeping the cushions at the center of the stage.  This is a very nice and cute gift idea. The cushions can be nice, soft and fluffy and appeal to the little minds. These also can become very nice and powerful early childhood memories.

There are many exciting personalized gifts that can be thought of for children of all ages that are bright and create nice powerful positive memories and bring a smile to the parents and the children’s face even years after they outgrow the gift.

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