5 reasons why music acts as a stress buster

Music is differentiated from noise by its melody and harmonic nature.  Music is a stress buster because of the soothing effect that it produces on the human mind. Music has been known to be used during surgeries where it reaches out to the unconscious mind of the patients and helps the doctors maintain the vital parameters as well as bust stress on the doctors who are performing the surgery.

Music – a stimulant

Music is also known to have stimulated plant growth and even make Gold Fish interactive!

In the modern day world of tight schedules and meetings telescoping one into another, there is hardly any time for any of us to enjoy even a free moment during the day.  Listening to music with eyes closed can actually transport an individual into another world and can be very relaxing and even refreshing.


Music – An anti-depressant

Music can also be used as a means to keep depression at bay and create a positive state of mind.  Music, being one of the best stress busters, is becoming a regular activity in kids in the western countries.  Parents engage singing teachers who come home and teach their kids.

Music – A Great way ti Rejuvenate

Music used as a stress buster actually rejuvenates mind and body and hence create a very healthy sate of the body.  Music by being melodious actually appeals to inner sense of every living being and more so to humans who are naturally endowed with higher intelligence and better intelligence levels when compared to all the animals in the God’s Kingdom.

Senior Woman Listening to Headphones

Music – Good for patients with heart diseases

There have been scientific studies and established evidence to prove the usefulness of music in reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and also reducing the stress causing hormones in the human body.


Music – increases productivity in organizations

Music has been used effectively in organizations to increase productivity levels and there have been numerous Human Resource Management studies that have indicated the positive impact of soothing music on increasing productivity levels in the staff working in an organization.

Music with its form and structure is known to have created order and a sense of security in disabled children. Music listened on head phones has been proven to reduce stress levels dramatically. Music also has been used on patients before, during and after surgery to reduce stress and distress.

Since music is a proven form of reducing stress it is also used in therapies to psychologically and physiologically help patients. Music is generally used in conjunction with bio-feedback mechanisms to help reduce tension and help relax. Music is known to be far more effective then verbal stimuli in very many cases.   Music also has an innate ability to trigger positive emotions and feelings as well as trigger memories. This ability is also present, not all, but quite a few singing teachers.  Music is also has been used in learning environments by singing teachers and is known to stimulate learning in the classroom.

Music has a very interesting other application – it is very useful in the challenge of losing weight and has been proven to help people eat less – possible because eating is one of the most common stress response and music helps alleviate stress. Music is also known to help in digestion. Music stimulates release of endorphins or the feel good chemicals in the human body and hence acts powerfully and positively on humans.

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