5 Reasons to Start a Business Selling Custom Art Prints

5 Reasons to Start a Business Selling Custom Art Prints

If you’re a creative artist of any kind, there’s a good market for selling custom art prints both online and in person. Art is timeless and universal; no matter your style, there’s always a group of people who will appreciate and enjoy your art.

Artists often struggle to earn a living from their art, so if you’re looking for a business opportunity that can work, here’s why you should start selling custom prints.

1. People buy art prints

The number one reason to start selling custom art prints is that they sell. People buy art prints of all kinds, including metal signs, posters, framed art, and canvas photo prints. People are always looking for ways to decorate their homes and make them feel more inviting, and nothing achieves that goal more than personalized art.

For example, the most popular art print selling right now happens to be canvas photo prints. They add a nice aesthetic that complements framed photos nicely. They’re also easy to have made and affordable. The Canvas Factory has been around for a while and is one of the most trusted names in custom canvas photo prints. You don’t have to buy in bulk, but you can if you need more than one print.

One search on platforms like eBay and Etsy demonstrates the popularity of art prints of all types, so don’t hold back. If you create art, start making prints to sell.

2. People will ask for your art

You’ve probably been in a situation where you were discussing your art with someone and they asked if you had prints for sale anywhere. Chances are, if you didn’t have anything available, you lost the potential for that sale forever.

If you’re a social person, you’ll be in plenty of situations where people will want to buy your art directly and if you aren’t selling prints, you’ll lose out on sales.

By starting a business selling your art prints, you can generate a decent side income for yourself. You can generate sales from an art platform, like Etsy, and you’ll get sales from conversations you have with the people you meet.

3. People want personalized art

Whether you’re using graphic design to make someone’s beloved pet look like the Queen of England, or you’re simply creating a personalized design with a photo, personalized art is popular. In recent years, there has been an explosion of businesses offering custom art printed on a variety of items, including home décor and wall hangings, like posters and canvas prints.

Whatever kind of personalization you can offer, it will have a market. However, if you happen to be working in a specific niche, you’ll get a better response when you can connect emotionally to your audience. People buy art for a variety of reasons, but the emotional response plays a large role.

Personalized art can be anything that adds a personal touch, including pieces made just for the buyer. One-of-a-kind art also sells extremely well, especially when your works are in demand. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get your art out into the world.

4. You don’t need to be the artist to sell art prints

Another good reason to start a business selling custom art prints is that you don’t actually have to be the artist. You can hire someone to make your designs and then sell them online. Business is business.

When you sell art prints, they don’t have to be watercolors, pastels, or oil paintings. They can be simple designs that make people smile or laugh. In fact, humorous home décor is popular because people want to feel good in their homes. All you need is Photoshop or a program like Canva and you can make an infinite number of designs to print as art.

5. Custom art prints are profitable

If you can nail some popular designs, they’ll sell really well. Once you gain momentum, the sales will roll in on autopilot and it will become truly passive income. It will require some effort to manage your business, but with drop shipping you don’t have to handle any of the sale and shipping process. Depending on the company you go through, you may not have to manage customer support, either.

If you need a reason to be creative, start selling custom art

If you’re looking for a creative business to start, selling art prints is an excellent choice. It’s profitable, fun, and less work than other businesses. It makes good side income, and if you work hard, it can even replace your full-time job.

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