5 Small Pets For Apartment Living

5 Small Pets For Apartment Living

Moving into your first apartment? Or maybe you’re used to apartment living but want to add a pet to your family? When it comes to apartments, picking the right pet matters. You need to find a companion that’s suited for a smaller living space and won’t disturb your neighbors.

If you are a renter and want a pet, you must ensure your property manager or landlord approves. Even some apartments that generally don’t allow pets may make exceptions for smaller animals that don’t cause many issues.

So, if you’re still trying to determine which pet is best for your apartment, this list contains some excellent species to consider. You might find your next furry, scaly, or feathered friend!

1.  Crested Gecko

Crested gecko in studioWhile the most popular pets are cats and dogs, consider branching out if you have a smaller place. Reptiles make excellent pets, especially some of the beginner species in the trade.

If you’re new to reptiles and want one suited for an apartment, a crested gecko is an excellent choice. Their tanks are relatively small, and they don’t require any special lighting or heating requirements.

They are safe to have in an apartment building and are easy to care for. Plus, they look like miniature dragons and are fun to show off!

2.  Ferrets

Ferrets make wonderful pets, so it’s unfortunate this species is a bit misunderstood. They are smaller than cats and sleep a lot, so they are well-suited to apartments. While they need ample time outside their enclosure, they can sleep in a cage for most of the night and during naptime, so most apartments are more than big enough.

The only downside is that they can have a musty odor. While their smell isn’t necessarily better or worse than that of a dog or cat, some landlords don’t allow them. So, you will need to check your lease.

3.  Tarantulas

tarantulas spiderWhile many people dislike spiders, they make interesting, docile pets. They can live inside of 20-gallon tanks and don’t even need to be let out.

While some properties might not allow these types of pets, tarantulas are extremely easy to care for and aren’t aggressive. Tarantulas are great display animals that don’t need human interaction to thrive. Still, you can decorate their enclosures to look beautiful and lush.

4.  Guinea Pigs

Want something cuddly that’s also small? Guinea pigs are a good option. They are much calmer and cuddlier than hamsters, so they are great for kids and people of all ages.

While they require slightly bigger enclosures than a hamster, they are fun to care for and cute to interact with. The only downside is that they need rather varied diets that include hay, which might be a bit messy for some apartments.

5.  Corn Snake

corn snake eating mouseSnakes get a bad reputation, but if you want a low-maintenance pet, you can’t go wrong with a corn snake. Most snakes in the pet trade are relatively docile, and corn snakes are one of the best beginner snakes.

They are handleable for people of all ages but also don’t require much interaction or care to thrive. Once you have their enclosure setup, you can watch them slither and enjoy their presence. They don’t take up much space and aren’t scary.

So, if you’re trying to find a pet for your apartment, consider one of these fun species. There are pets besides dogs and cats out there!

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