5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling from US to France

Travelling France

Believe it or not – the Americans have a unique relationship with France. When Americans visit France, curiosity fuses with passion. While visiting and exploring another continent, another culture can be a great eye opener, there are certain things Americans should be well aware of before they step in France – including the airfare!

1. Off-season trip to France is an affordable trip to France

Off-season trip to france If you wish to visit France without drilling a hole in your pocket, plan your trip in the off-season months. July & August are the busiest tourism months in France, as most European schools have their vacations in these months.

Save yourself the agony of chaos and costly travel by visiting France either before July or after September. However, if you are on a business trip to France and your travel dates are simply non-negotiable, you can easily find a cheap flight to France.

2. Don’t go cashless in France

Of course, France being France, cards are accepted at a majority of places you visit. But, small shops with inexpensive items may not accept cards, which can land you in trouble if you don’t have cash at hand!

Do yourself a favor and keep some cash in your pockets, so you don’t have to buy 10 euros worth of goodies just to swipe a card!

3. Being polite work wonders

The French are friendly peopleThe French are friendly people – and they expect you to be the same. So, avoid being rude while inquiring about something or trying to get help.

The easiest way to approach the French is to begin every conversation with Bonjour (which means ‘Hello’) or Bonsoir (which means ‘Good evening).

Do it every time you talk to a French, and you’re sure to find help or answer to your questions. Don’t forget this common courtesy, or you might find yourself on the receiving end of passive-aggressive hostility from the French!

4. Book an affordable flight to save money

Okay, this one is not exactly what you should necessarily know before you enter France. But c’mon, if you knew that there are cheap, yet quality flights from New York to Paris, wouldn’t you book a seat in one?

Airfrance is one such airline which offers the most affordable flight rates for people who wish to travel from US to France. We can assure you that after booking your flight from New York to Paris with Airfrance, you will enjoy premium quality air travel at amazing rates!

5. Learn some basic French before stepping into France

do you speak frenchThis is common knowledge – if you are planning to visit a different continent with a different culture and a different language – the least you can do is learn the basic terms and phrases spoken in the country.

Knowing the basic, useful French words will help you navigate France with ease. And suppose you land in trouble, a sound knowledge of the French language will surely come to your rescue!

So, now you know! Visiting France can be a fun experience – just remember these small things before you book your flight tickets!

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