6 Essential Tips to Boost Your Career


The best way to take any career to the next level is to ensure you have a plan. Moving from one role to another without a strategy in mind is unlikely to be the most efficient route to success. Some careers begin with an entry-level position and are advanced over a long period of time with a series of incremental promotions. Others take a more direct route to the top by taking proactive steps. This could be through additional education and qualifications, making professional and personal connections with the right people or by taking a risk by leaving a company they’ve been with for many years for a more senior position elsewhere. Here are six tips to boost your career prospects sooner rather than later.

Invest in Education or Training

Invest in Education or TrainingThe financial services sector is evolving all the time, so it’s essential that you continue to evolve alongside it. Attend training seminars, workshops, and conferences and keep up to date with the latest industry news by subscribing to financial blogs or publications.

Ideally, you should also acquire postgraduate qualifications such as an MBA in business or another related field to deepen your knowledge and experience. You can do this via an online course which enables you to continue working while you study through flexible learning. Click here for more information on an online MBA program from Suffolk University.

Focus on Your Skills and Talents

Everyone has particular strengths or skills which others don’t have. The key is to identify what you bring to your business and ensure that others recognize the unique value you offer. You may be a great problem solver who can offer support during business expansion or an articulate writer or presenter who can help with reports or client presentations. Use your skills to support others when appropriate to build a positive reputation and you will become a valued and popular member of the team.

Volunteer to Go the Extra Mile

Volunteer to Go the Extra MileIf the opportunity arises for you to get involved in an important project, grab it with both hands. You will show your senior managers that you are not only willing to put in extra work for the success of the company but can also build up a greater portfolio of experience. Find a way to help which uses your key strengths.

Work on Your Emotional Intelligence

You may have all the technical knowledge and formal education you need, but the political environment that is the workplace requires a different kind of intelligence if you’re to reach the highest levels. This is often referred to as emotional intelligence or soft skills which will help you to establish relationships with colleagues and clients, communicate effectively, work in a team and resolve conflicts or differences of opinion. You need to be able to work under pressure and stay calm and positive and lead while keeping aggression out of the picture.

Broaden Your Network

Broaden Your NetworkYour professional relationships will be essential when moving your career on and ensuring you have more opportunities. Attend conferences in your industry, keep business cards on you at all times, and use social media platforms to build relationships. Building connections with industry influencers is a particularly effective way to establish yourself as a key player and build a professional reputation.

Think About the Future

If you are in a job which does not enable you to show your key strengths, you need to look for another challenge. This could be within your current organization, but if there are no opportunities for growth or promotion, you may need to speak to a senior manager and find out if this is likely to change. If not, it may be time to look for a new employer which can facilitate your progression. 

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