6 Insane and Creative Ideas for Space Colonization

The infinite expanse of space has given rise to many theories of space colonization. It seems more and more likely that our planet is not going to survive much longer, because humanity looks poised to self-destruct. Many ideas have been thought up by geniuses who might be insane as well, only time will tell the true potential of their ideas. As space is out there waiting for anyone who can claim it for their own, there are some quite unconventional but creative ideas which can make space colonization a reality. Read on to find out about six such insane and creative ideas for space colonization:

Gigantic orbiting mirrors

mars planet

Mars is the favourite of many when it comes to colonization. It is situated close to Earth and has frozen water deposits. The drawback is that at temperatures between -220 to -70 degrees F, it is more than freezing cold. Unless the planet heats up, humans cannot survive on the Red planet. Someone thought of a unique idea to heat up the planet – deploying 500 sq ft wide mirrors in Mar’s orbit which would focus and collect solar energy to specific locations on Mars. Once the temperature rises, the planet might be able to sustain life. NASA seems to think it is a good idea, and has provided funding for it. 

Luna Ring

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The moon is just 300,000 miles from Earth but it does not have an atmosphere. JAXA, the Japanese Aerospace agency has decided to put robots to work on solving the problems which makes moon inhospitable. Their plan seems both insane and ambitious. The first stage of their plan is to send robots armed with 3D printers to the moon. These robots will then construct the base for the Japanese by printing whatever is required from lunar materials. Shimizu Corporation, the company behind Luna Ring hopes to collect solar rays and beam them to earth via the solar panels constructed by the robots.

Elon Musk’s Mars plans

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In order to colonize Mars, Elon Musk established Space X for building reusable rockets and spaceships. These would be used to transport people and cargo to Mars. His spaceships would be able to ferry 100-200 passengers and he estimated that the first landing on Mars could happen very soon, in the next decade even.

The ticket cost would be very high for early voyages, but with time, it would be reduced to approximately $200,000. He scared the entire scientific community when he announced that a few thermonuclear bombs dropped over Mar’s poles would increase its temperature. Hopefully, he has been convinced by the scientific community to drop his highly insane idea of lobbing nuclear bombs at Mars.


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Fuel is one of the main considerations of space travel which is conventionally used as rocket fuel and is prohibitively expensive. Scientists at NASA have been working on alternative fuel ideas, including sails or rather solar sails. Instead of wind energy, solar sails would be powered by solar energy. Scientists envision light energy from photons would collide with the solar sail which would produce enough momentum to push the spacecraft using solar sails.

Space elevator

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The space elevator idea has been around since the 1800s. It is meant to replace rockets which use a huge amount of fuel while propelling a spacecraft into space. This giant elevator’s height would be around 15 miles, and would be connected to facilities in geostationary orbits. A combination of the Earth’s centripetal force and some motors would be used to lift the required objects, thus using much less energy than conventional rockets.

3D printed spaceship

Image Source : assets.sbnation.com

Instead of shuttling spaceships into space, NASA thinks that it would be a good idea to get a 3D printer in orbit and print spaceships. It may sound crazy, but it is actually workable as without the presence of gravity, a giant printer can print objects many times bigger than itself. Also, supplying raw materials would be easier and require less manpower.

Space colonization is a dream for many people, leading to extremely creative ideas, some of which are so unfathomable that they seem insane. Someday these insane ideas may become reality and humanity might be able to leave their footprints on many planets.

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