6 Real-life crimes inspired from movies and TV shows

We cannot entirely rule out the deep impact of TV serials and the movies in our lives. But none of us have thought for sure that they can make criminals as well! Unfortunately, the action movies and thrillers act as a catalyst and instigates many to take up crime in their own hands. This is exactly when we find serial killers, rapists and kidnappers, taking birth from movies and TV shows. Here are 6 real-life crimes inspired from entertainment media.

Bank robbery inspired by ‘Dhoom’

Location: Kerala

30th December, 2007

If you have seen the movie ‘Dhoom’, you certainly could not help praising the skill and tactic the onscreen characters incorporated in order to give a positive end to their much coveted mission of robbery. Unfortunately, some people took it very seriously.

A notorious robbery was committed in the South Malabar Gramin Bank, at a crowded location of Kerala, Chelambra. The incident occurred during the new years’ eve when a group of four gangsters, headed by Jaison Babu, dug a hole in the ground floor of the bank and entered in. They robbed away all the valuables including 80 kilos of solid gold and cash value of Rs 25,00,000 . After getting prosecuted, the robbers admitted that the heinous act was inspired from Dhoom.

15 year old boy stabs teacher inspired by ‘Agneepath’

Location: Chennai

9th February, 2012

Nobody could have ever imagined the corroding effect of a movie will turn an adolescent mind into a murderer. This is exactly what happened in Chennai on 9th February 2012.

A frustrated 15 year old school boy stabbed his teacher in order to take revenge. This boy was a student of St. Mary’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. He taught his teacher a ‘lesson’ for scolding and abusing him repeatedly. He stabbed her in the chest and abdomen and slit her throat.

When interrogated, he confessed thatAgneepath’ acted as the bolt from the blue for the growing anger in him against his teacher. In the movie too, Hrithik onscreen character takes revenge for his father’s death.

Kidnapping and murder inspired by ‘CID’ and ‘Sansani’

Location: Ahmedabad

October, 2007

Inspired by the popular TV shows ‘CID’,Sansani’ and the Bollywood thriller, ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’, some teenagers conceived the idea of kidnapping and murder. The ones who suffered severely in all this were the parents of a six year old boy, Dhyey Khambhu.

The teenage kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs. 25 lakhs and the fear of getting traced by the police, prompted them to murder the kid. The whole plan also went astray as the ones involved in the act were youngsters without any previous record of crime at all.

Murder inspired by movie ‘Hum Se Hai Zamana’

Location: Delhi

June, 2004

An elderly couple washed their hands out of life due to the ill minded youths, who took their inspiration from the Mithun Chakraborty and Zeenat Aman starrer 1983 movie, Hum Se Hai Zamana’. When prosecuted and interrogated by the police, 27 year old Bharat Bahadur and his partner Raju Bengali admitted that they took the idea of murdering retired Lieutenant General Seth and his wife while they were watching the film on Saturday night, previous to this incident.

Just as the hero robs the house by hitting the owner unconscious, the murderers planned to do the same. But their heavily drunken state ultimately killed the couple! The murderers used ivory tasks, mistaking them for wooden objects while hitting the victims. This made them temporarily unconscious. Shortly after this as the couples were retrieving their consciousness, the criminals got afraid that they would be caught red handed. The next could be very well interpreted, the criminals murdered them.

Abduction and teenage murder inspired by TV serial ‘CID’

Location: Pune

April, 2012

We were dumb folded at the cruel abduction and murder case that took place in Pune. A 15 year old youngster was abducted by three others and was killed brutally by slitting his throat.

Deputy Commissioner, Sanjay Jadhav revealed that these murders were regular followers of the popular serial. ‘CID’. They plotted the kidnapping of their classmate, the only son of a wealthy jeweler. They took him 25 kilometers outside the city and decided to demand a ransom of Rs. 50,000 from the victim’s father. The kidnapped Class 10 boy was killed in the act and the convicts were found behind the bars with the charges of murder, extortion and abduction.

ATM thieves inspired by TV show

Location: Maninagar, Ahmedabad

April, 2012

Maninagar, Ahmedabad experienced a similar case of criminal mind due to the negative impact of TV shows and movies. While investigating on the crime and confiscating the prime accused Hardik Jinger and Kamlesh Patel for ATM robbery, the police force was flabbergasted by their confession. They confessed that a similar ATM theft shown on a TV show was their inspiration. The police force was further surprised when the two confessed that before the dreadful act they never knew that an ATM counter contains as much as whopping Rs 21 lakhs!

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