Himalayan mysteries: Naked truths or fables

Himalayas, the abode of snow and home to the world’s highest mountain ranges, has always been accompanied and targeted with real life facts and innumerable myths. Till today its a mystery whether these tales are concocted or for real. However, delving deep we unveil before you few tales, as you hold your breath and take time out to read beyond.

UFO landing in the Himalayas

Villagers residing by the mountain, Indian military personnel and even the Chinese side of the border claim to have seen the landing of the UFO, an extraterrestrial flying object near the high-altitude glaciers of the Himalayas in the Tarai region of Himachal Pradesh.

Sinc,e the bright Sunday afternoon of October 2004, these so-called rumors have been soaring up till date with newer incidents of many UFO’s having been seen, ranging from large cylindrical objects to speedy discs in varying sizes during bright daytime and even at night. Many local natives even believe that aliens are constructing an underground base in this untraveled and secluded region of the Himalayas.

Although there are no scientific evidences to prove these claims, it would be unfair to outrightly deny the live experiences and claims of so many people, which is yet to be discovered by the scientists worldwide.

The devilish snowman of the Himalaya’s

Many villagers in the northern region of Himalayas had witnessed two strange monsters. Sharp teeth, brown hair all over, huge mouth, long forelimbs and no tail, ape kind of living being has been seen by the native people of Tibet area of China during the chilling month of December 1972. These creatures could walk upright and even stole cattle and sheep from time to time.

These monsters were identified and found by several frontier guards, who shot dead one of them while its companion managed to escape in the sublimes of the Himalayas. This incident confirmed the belief of the villagers that ‘yeti’ monsters still exist in the covers of the Himalayas who dare to fight with grizzly bears. But since no one has ever seen the real ‘yeti’, this still remains a mystery unexplored.

Cannibals of the Himalayas

There exists a mysterious cult of people named Aghori Sabhus in the deep denizens of the Himalayas, who survive and feed on human flesh, rotten meat and meditate on human corpse.

Practicing cannibalism, these creatures believe that the universe is a reflection of God itself and is guided by its eternal force. God has created everything in its true, pure and pristine form, and hence should not be abandoned at any cost. Belonging to the 21st century and living in a gizmo-era, such things not only sound perverse, but even force us to think that do we really deserve to belong to this modern era.

Abarimon, the mythical creature of the Himalayas

Another story which relates to the Himalayan Mountains is the existence of an ancient race of nomads, closely resembling humans in appearance and having feet that point backwards. It is believed that they live alongside wild animals and even run incredibly fast. Named as Abarimons, these creatures tread over the great valley of Mount Imaus high up in the ranges of the Himalayas.


In the shadow of the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas, there exists a community still guided by an enchanting force and the spiritual realm of gods, deities, demons and spirits. Traversing in the world of believable and unbelievable are the Shamans, the messengers who mediate between the spiritual and physical worlds, occupying a realm of existence yet to be explored and forgotten by modernity.

India being the breeding ground of such superstitious and supernatural thoughts, these stories still linger and exist deep down the hearts of millions of villagers who reside in the lap of the Himalayas.

The ‘cursed’ mountains

The real-life incident of a fearless mountaineer states that he climbed into the Himalayas on a quest to search for his lost brother. As he climbed the mountain, he came across the souls of the people who died in that region, caught in the shadow world and stuck amongst the winding valleys and lofty slopes of the Himalayas. Pilgrims, mountaineers, villagers and Buddhist monks who have met their end but are yet to be reincarnated, are all believed to still exist in the Himalayan mountain ranges.

These naked truths about the Himalayas, in modern aspect, would just seem a combination of weird thoughts and beliefs having no real significance, but the existence of these still remain a mystery unresolved.

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