6 tips to keep your devices charged while travelling long distance

keep your devices charged while travelling long distance

Long distance travelling has its own list of things to do, you have to pack many things which may not be available where you are going. If you are flying long distance, then you have to remember to charge your phone the night before, so that the battery does not run out when you land. Without your phone, it would be difficult to get to your destination (all names and addresses stored in it!) and contact anyone, or send that all-important mail.You’d be stranded in the airport, train or bus station. If you’re going camping in the wild, you should keep your devices charged or else you’d be communing with nature only! Here are some ways to keep your gadgets and phones charged, when you’re travelling:

N tips to keep your devices charged during long distance travel 

Tip 1: Charge your tablet, smartphone and laptop the previous night

charging-smartphoneBefore travelling long distance, you must remember to charge all your devices. In fact, put it on your to-do list, as even many experienced travelers forget to do this. If your laptop runs out of battery mid-travel, you wouldn’t be able to complete the presentation you were working on!

Besides, due to security measures, you might be asked to switch on your phone at certain airports to make sure that it is not a bomb. If it does not switch on, they might confiscate it and while you’re waiting for it to charge, you might miss your connecting flight, or the very meeting you had come to attend. So keep your devices charged, and it will definitely make your trip much more pleasant and hassle free.

Tip 2: Don’t keep devices on

running lowTo save battery life, switch off all your devices. Even when you’re not using them, the battery tends to get drained. Your iPhone may drain to 80% just in an hour or two. So if you’re traveling for 8-10 hours, your devices will lose valuable battery life, and there might be no way to charge them soon.

Between uses, you should power down your devices. Switch your phone to power saving modes, like airplane mode. Switch off your cameras and head lamps to make the battery last long.

To save battery life, close all battery draining apps, and turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not online, as scanning for networks also uses up battery. All the devices should be running on power saving modes, and even the backlighting should be low, as lighting also devours power.

Tip 3: Try not to use public charging ports

Try not to use public charging portsWhile travelling long distance, if you do not take all the measures to keep your devices charged, you would have to charge them at the nearest available charging point. If you have to do that at public charging pods, you may be taking a risk, as they might be used by hackers to upload malware on phones/devices or steal data from your phone.

Tip 4: Carry car charger

Carry-car-chargerIf you’re going on a road trip, and you’d be away in the wild for about a week, then you need a car charger. Get one installed in your car, and you’d at least be able to charge your phone and stay in touch with the rest of the world.

Tip 5: Bring extra batteries

camera batteryIt’s best to carry extra batteries for head lamps and cameras, if possible, as these may run out on long hikes. Avoid long exposures with your camera, as they also cut down on battery life. Keep the batteries warm if you’re traveling to a place which experiences sub-zero temperatures. This will ensure that the battery will perform as expected.

Tip 6: Use external battery chargers

There is a very simple solution to safely charging your battery and to keep your devices charged while travelling. This is to carry a power bank which can power several devices. These prove to be life savers sometimes, when you’re miles away from a reliable charging port. Some of these power banks you can choose are:

Xiaomi 20000mAh

Xiaomi 20000mAh

This device has a great power capacity which can charge several of your electronic equipment. It can charge your phone multiple times, charge your camera, head torch (if you go hiking), iPad etc. It is 14.2×7.3×2.2 cm and can fit in a big pocket.

The weight is just a bit over 300 g so you can carry it around easily. It has two USB ports which means that two devices can be charged simultaneously. Keep it warm and waterproof and it will work like a dream. This sturdy little power bankis worth buying. You can buy it online, just make sure that it is the genuine item!

Poweradd Pilot Pro

Poweradd Pilot ProThose who cannot go anywhere without their laptops must be wondering how their laptops can be charged on the run. This amazing external battery will cover your laptop and keep your devices chargedas well. You can even adjust the device’s voltage to match your e-reader, laptop, phone or camera.Its sleek design is another plus point to consider. A good choice for business travelers who have to travel a lot.

Anker Astro Mini 3000 mAh

Anker Astro Mini 3000 mAh

This tiny, tubular shaped charger weighs very little, just 3 ounces. Don’t be misled by its small size, as it can fully charge your iPhone a couple of times. It is inexpensive, durable and is of great use when you need it to power up your phone.


JOOS charger

The JOOS charger is just right for adventurers who love to go off into the outdoors looking for some solitude. The portable charger can charge an iPhone about two times, maybe slightly more. The difference between this charger and others is that it charges approximately three times faster.

It’s a solar charger as well, so it’s a very desirable eco – friendly choice. It can get power even in the shade, low light and even in a light drizzle. The charger has adjustable legs and you can get 3G service with 1 hour of charging. There is a display screen which allows you to see the battery level and how much solar electricity is generated.

Power banks are must-haves to keep your devices charged while travelling. They are dependable and secure, and most of them have enough capacity to charge several devices, which can help you stay connected to civilization even when you are far away from it.

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