5 – Exterior Home Improvements You Should Consider When You Want To Sell

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Whenever you want to sell a home, curb appeal is really important. You can have the best possible interior and not manage to sell because a property’s exterior always has to be in a truly optimal condition. Statistics show that 70% of interested homebuyers make their final buying decision based on specific factors, with curb appeal being really high on the list of interests. This is why, if you want to sell your home, you need to seriously consider the following exterior home improvements. They can easily increase resell value while also managing to help sell the home faster.

1.      Replace The Front Door

The front door always says a lot about a homeThe front door always says a lot about a home. When it is high-quality, it is a huge asset in terms of determining home value and the feeling of security. The interested buyer first walks through the front door. This is the first impression made so you should seriously consider replacing it or at least repainting it. Even if a steel front door can easily go over $1,200, the investment does pay itself since it adds a lot of value.

2.      Replace Gutters

Most home gutters are only replaced when they break down. Because of this, they can end up looking old or simply out of place, especially if exterior improvements were made in the past and the gutters were neglected. Seriously considering new gutter systems installation in Denver and other areas where rain is common is a very good idea. The interested buyer will not like to see bad gutters as they will think about leaks and infiltration problems.

3.      Update Landscaping

Update LandscapingFirst-time buyers and experienced buyers go through a really long research before a home is bought. Nowadays, there are more options than ever available so it is important to stand out. If you want to make your property stand out, a really easy way to do this is to update landscaping. At the same time, according to research done by real estate agents, the return on high-quality landscaping is a huge 252%. Updated lawn care and landscaping can increase the perceived value of a home by close to 30%. Also, it helps sell the home faster.

4.      Painting

When a prospective homeowner looks at the home, he/she thinks about what has to be updated in the future. This is why when you repaint the home, it is freshened up, making the façade look a lot better as opposed to looking tired-looking. However, this does not mean you can go too bold. It is always better to choose the really inviting and warm colors, like white, tan and taupe.

5.      Home Automation Addition

Home-Automation-AdditionHome automation is quickly evolving. Due to the fact that most people nowadays have access to a smartphone, wireless home automation is something that is highly appreciated by numerous prospective buyers. Adding home automation brings in an average cost of around $2,100. However, this does add a lot in terms of curb appeal. A simple smart lock system of around $250 can add thousands to selling price.

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