6 Ways to stay committed to a single aim

stay committed to a single aim

A life must have a certain direction to move towards. So a life devoid of any goals cannot be the best example of a positive life. The demands of the modern world are intense. We all want different things from ourselves and our lives. We all have certain aims to be fulfilled. However, it is easier said than done and staying motivated is quite a task. So, here are some practical tips on how to stay committed to a single aim. Following these would definitely help you in developing immensely as a person.

Things to do to stay committed to a single aim

  1. Set realistic goals:

    Set-realistic-goalsA man without goals is like a ship without a rudder. So if you want to achieve your goals, the first thing you must have is a set of goals. These must be realistic that is the ones that can be achieved and at the same time do not let them be so easy that you achieve them without any efforts. The greatest of achievements take place after the accomplishment of the hardest of goals. Once you have set the goals, work relentlessly to achieve them.

  2. Revisit the goals:

    It is no easy task to stay committed to a single aim. For this you must not just have some set goals but also have to ensure that you revisit them from time to time. If your goals are too rigid and there comes a situation where you can by no means achieve a particular thing be prepared to modify it such that it is achievable. Also it needs to be taken into consideration that goals need to be analyzed from time to time and you have to just sit back and realize how much you have progressed towards achieving them. Do not be disheartened or disappointed though if the results are not as per your liking. Just double your efforts and remember that “God helps those who help themselves”.

  3. Have routines:

    Lack of routines is one of the biggest reasons why people leave the task at hand when the going gets tough. So stop abandoning tasks and manage the hard work with a potent routine. The routine is essential to be maintained and don’t just treat it like a piece of paper. If you plan out your tasks there is a much less chance of repeatedly falling short which eventually leads to piling up of a huge workload. It is then hard to stay motivated and you lose out on the game. So make a routine that can be achieved by you and make sure that the everyday tasks are completed in time.

  4. Always stay inspired:

    There is no single big task that has been accomplished till date without the right inspiration. There must be people and their success examples that you look up to. Remember that they never gave up either and remember this to stay committed to a single aim. The right kind of inspiration helps in staying motivated and is a huge help when it comes to the hard work that you have to put in on a regular basis. So, in between the hard work, look at the lives of people you look up to, read their success stories and see the hard work and dedication that go them there. The least you could do is to pick up on their ‘never give up’ attitude.

  5. Look at the bigger picture:

     Small failuresFailures will always accompany success so stop abandoning tasks when the going gets tough. Small failures and errors are inevitable in the process and every time you face something of those sorts, just sit back and look at the larger picture. What you want to achieve is much bigger than the tiny failure. Take heart from this fact and start the new day with double the dedication and triple the hunger for success.

  6. Don’t let failure stop you:

    Someone wise once said that the failures are the pillars of success. This is so true that we feel this alone is reason enough to stay committed to a single aim even when you have failed in your first attempts. No success story is They all face hindrances and the struggle is the biggest part of their story. Their lives have been marred with failures and the only reason they rose up strong was because failure did not scare them enough. Or maybe it was because they loved their dreams a bit too strongly. Whatever be the reason, just remember if you plan to emulate the success of your idols, then you got to be strong in the hardest of times just like they managed to.

  7. Don’t burn out:

    Don’t burn out
    Often in the quest for hard work you end up overworking yourself. We recommend hard work highly but only till the point where are able to maintain it in the long run. There is no point if the hard work is such that you easily will burn out and then will creep in the evils of frustration and disappointment which can make you quit. So to stay committed to a single aim you must take the necessary break once in a while. Refresh your mind, rejuvenate yourself and prepare yourself for the struggles ahead in the road.

  8. Stay accountable: You have studied how a responsible government performs the best. Same is the case for you although on a much smaller scale. Always stay accountable for your tasks and efforts. If not to anybody else stay accountable to yourself. This will ensure that lethargy does not creep into your efforts because you are answerable to all of that.

Final words

A complete man is one who does not give up midway on his aims. So achieve your goals no matter what it takes. Staying motivated indeed is difficult but what good thing comes without difficulties. Follow these simple tips and stay committed to a single aim till the time you accomplish. The changes when you follow this will pleasantly surprise you.

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