7 Tiny House Communities To Inspire The Eco-Enthusiast In You


Yes, tiny house communities are a real thing. As more and more people accept and embrace the fact that eco-consciousness can breathe easier in small spaces, various communities around the globe have started to build their lives around small towns and houses. According to ecological experts, the tiny house movement is truly gaining momentum. While a number of eco-spots and retreats are making way for minimalism, coupled with green initiatives, there are already quite a lot of tiny house communities that are thriving across the globe. Here, we look at 7 such tiny house communities that are shaping the future of minimalism and green living.

Tiny House Community of California

Tiny House Community of CaliforniaImage Source : thespruce.com

This small community (village rather) is the brainchild of Habitats Tiny Homes, which is a building company in California. In San Diego, California, the company aims to create an entire micro civilization of people living in small houses.

The Tiny House Community consists of 50 small houses, with a private backyard of their own. This community will thrive on foodscaping, which is a direct result of an on-site farmers’ markets and quite a number of urban gardens that complete the green picture.

Not only that, all the 50 dwellings will rely on green technology such as solar power plants and water reclamation systems – to ensure that all of the small houses in the community are packed with energy saving features and technology.

Tiny House Community of Florida

Tiny House Community of FloridaImage Source : theoutpostresort.com

If you are always on the go, it is common for you to call your RV your home as well. This Tiny House Community in Florida, located at the Orlando Lakefront, offers a wide space for RV parks, which allow you to carry your house with you on your wheels.

As of now, 13 towable, mobile houses call this RV park their home. But, there’s space for 40 more. So, if you are an avid traveler, this is one of the best tiny house communities to seek your shelter in. Moreover, living in an RV is a more affordable and sustainable way to spend your days.

With monthly rental rates that range from $350 – $500, moving into this RV park is indeed one of the best decisions you will make.

Airstream Village, Las Vegas, Nevada

Image Source : cdn.vox-cdn.com

While Las Vegas is popular for its dizzying and jaw-dropping nightlife, the city’s downtown suffers from negligence when it comes to quiet and peaceful survival. To do something about it, Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, has created the Airstream Village – where he lives quite happily in a small house with his pet alpacas.  His house is merely 240 square feet long.

This is one of the most populated tiny house communities, with 30 tiny houses occupying the village. There are some trailers and some small sized houses that line up the area. Although not very high on the ecofriendly margin, Airstream village provides a small shelter with all the basic utilities plus Wi-Fi – that too, at just $1200 monthly rental.

Community First in Texas

Community First in TexasImage Source : hopegeorgetown.org

This is one of the best tiny house communities around the world. Community First! Village is a master-planned development project, that sprawls on a 27-acre land. The aim of the tiny house community is to provide tiny homes, mobile homes (in form of RVs), and sustainable and affordable housing for the dwellers.

What makes this tiny house community all the more special is the fact that these houses will be open and accessible to those suffering from any form of disability or those who have constantly been homeless since a long, long time.

This tiny house community is also aiming towards not just providing space to those who need it, but also creating a supportive and eco-conscious community to reside within.

Tiny House Village of California

Tiny House Village of CaliforniaImage Source : lemoncovevillage.com

Jay Shafer, who founded the Four Lights Tiny House Company, came up with the idea of building this village – which consists of small, affordable houses, RV zones, and shared spaces.

The founder claims that living in small spaces isn’t that much a necessity for many now as much as it is a lifestyle choice for most. According to Shafer, tiny houses are simply well-designed accommodations, which has erased or left out all the unnecessary architectural elements.

These tiny houses come with a cathedral ceiling, a steel fireplace, a sleeping loft which allows enough sunlight to permeate inside and quite a bit of storage space.

Built mainly for the homeless veterans, this village is a safe haven for those who prefer quality accommodation with minimal space and light on the pocket.

Quixote Village in Washington

Quixote Village in WashingtonImage Source : quixotecommunities.org

In Olympia, Washington, there once existed a tent camp which sheltered quite a number of homeless people. Lined with tiny living spaces, this camp was self-governed and self-regulated.

Now, this camp is called Quixote Village, where 30 small houses occupy the land. This is truly one of the most effective tiny houses communities in the US – with a shared space for showers, laundry and dining. Apart from that, this community village also has a community garden.

One of the most innovative tiny house communities, this one has won a couple of national design awards for its creativity – showcasing to the world that innovation and sustainability can work miracles when  they go about it hand-in-hand.

Cedar Springs Tiny Village in Ohio

Cedar-Springs-Tiny-Village-in-OhioImage Source : moderntinyliving.com

The current trend in housing shows a rising number of people who opt for modern tiny living – something that combines minimalism with the modern day utilities. As ironic as it may sound, in Cedar Springs Tiny Village inside Ohio, this trend is a reality.

Located in front of the lake, this tiny house community offers 30 small houses to live in. Moreover, natural walking paths, recycling programs, community gardens and a number of natural spring resorts located nearby make this one of the best tiny house communities to reside in. Water-front parking and a unique lake-view are just some additional perks.

Tiny house communities are growing in number like a wildfire. With more and more people making a choice to lead their lives as simply and sustainably as possible, tiny houses are becoming a trend the world needed the most. If you too, want to experience living in a small house, go for one of the tiny house communities. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it will also bring you closer to nature and humans at the same time.

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