12 Best sites to find royalty free music for commercial use

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Music adds another dimension to your videos, but you may not have the budget for music composition by an artist. The solution is finding free music for your amazing videos which can be used legally for commercial purposes. If you’re not careful, then your video may be taken down due to copyright infringment of the music you used. To make your search easy, we have compiled a list of sites from where you can source royalty free music for commercial use.

12 Best sites offering royalty free music for commercial use

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube-Audio-LibraryImage Source : newbluefx.com

One of the best sources of free background music for YouTube, is YouTube itself. Go to the ‘create’ section, where you will see the Audio Library. The library has a compilation of music from many different genres – folk, country, Dance, Electronic and so on. The music is free to be used, provided you attribute the track owner.

Utilize the search functions with words such as ‘funky’, ‘dramatic’, ‘calm’ and so on. You might also search according to track duration, so that you can find the best music which is long enough to fit the video length. Do read YouTube’s Music Policies, so that you get to know more details on popular music tracks and in what way you can use them.

2. Bensound

BensoundThis is one of the sites with hundreds of tracks which are royalty free music for commercial use. You can use the tracks for all kinds of purposes. It has 8 genres of music – pop, acoustic/folk, cinematic, electronica and so on. You’re sure to find music which requires no attribution also.

3. Free Music Archive

Free Music ArchiveIf you are looking for free background music for YouTube, this website is chock full of songs from many thousands of music makers. There are many music styles to choose from and there is even a selection for corporate music which can be used by getting permission from the artist named Scott Holmes. All you have to do is mail him.

The site is run by the radio station (US) WFMU, and all the tracks require different permissions, some need attribution. You should search specifically the non-commercial use category. The tracks are good enough to be used for your videos and the best thing is that they are royalty free music for commercial use.

4. Incompetech

IncompetechThis site has a huge selection of music. Kevin Macleod created the 2,000 tracks which can be downloaded for free, but its not one of the ‘no attribution’ sites, as you have to mention the site and the artist name. The collections are ‘lounge’, ‘rock classic’, and so on. The thing we liked about this site is that you can choose from the section ‘Film Scoring Moods’, from where you can download the tracks befitting mystery, noire and horror themes.

Like to include some cheery beats – Incompetech has a collection of world music inspired by the foot tapping beats of Brazil and Africa.

5. Free Music for Commercial Use

Free MusicThis is YouTube channel which has soundtracks developed by many different independent musicians from all around the world. The channel has 27,000 subscribers, which might indicate the popularity of the music, and the music tracks available are instrumental as well as vocal pieces. It’s could be one of the sites from where you can get the right royalty free music for commercial use.

6. AshamaluevMusic

AshamaluevMusicImage Source : static.wixstatic.com

You need a great soundtrack for your video, which can grip people and encourage them to spend more time on your channel or site. There is a vast choice of categories, as they have upto 30 categories. You can choose any track you want, so that you can market your video most effectively.

7. Audio Blocks

Audio BlocksAudio Block has a feature which is really useful, apart from the no copyright music you can use. On this site, you can view the levels of volume of the tracks. This feature is extremely useful as you would know the music intensity, which will help in the sound editing process.

8. Free Stock Music

Free Stock MusicAs the name suggests, the site has a lot of royalty free music for commercial use. They have motivational as well as commercial music, which businesses can use to find the best background score for ads or commercial web videos. You might have to pay for some of the tracks, but many of the tracks are marked ‘free’.

9. Public Domain 4U

Public Domain 4UTo be on the safe side, should look for tracks which have no copyright or intellectual property rights and are now in the public domain. The tracks in the public domain can be utilized in online commercial videos. This site has a lot popular music from olden times, but modern music is also free but with permission from the artist.

10. Musopen

MusopenThis is another site which offers copyright expired royalty free music for commercial use. It has sheet music, recordings, textbooks for free. You can browse the music by the performer, instument, form, period or compose and it’s one of the best free sites for classical music.

11. PacDV

PacDVTo have a complete sound experience, you need great sound effects along with music. You can use the tracks in film, videos, multimedia and audio pojects. All you have to do is to link their site or mention them in the credits.

12. Audio Jungle/Envato Market

Audio JungleIt has both paid tracks and free tracks you can download. People from all over the wold upload the tracks which they have composed. There is an option to download not only single tracks but also several music tracks simultaneously, which they term music packs. Another great option is that it has ‘music kits’ which offer music which can be manipulated to create some great customized music. This allows you to have music on your videos which is very different from others.

You can find the music you need to elevate your commercial video to the next level. In fact, you can even incorporate it in your presentations. Music makes any video much more appealing and from these sites you could download the music for free, and add the final touch to your video.

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