8 Pokemon Lookalikes For Celebs

With Pokemon Go creating waves around the world, we have come to the conclusion that every other new Pokémon bears the traits of one or more human personalities in real life. For instance, out of the 700 oddPokemons out there, here are some that look exactly like well-known celebrities. Or should we say that the other way around? Take a look!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Pokemon Lookalike: Delphox

Image Source : A.Abcnews.Com

The oomph, the panache and that fiery look are only some of the similarities between the celebrity and the character. But what really made us come to the conclusion that Sarah Jessica Parker is indeed a Delphox lookalike is the flaming head gear she wore for an event.4

Tilda Swinton

Pokemon Lookalike: Ninetales

Image Source : Ichef-1.Bbci.Co.Uk

The glamorous Ninetales can only find a fitting human personality in Tilda Swinton who does not leave any stone unturned to show the world how glamorous a being she is.

John Cena

Pokemon Lookalike: Machoke

Image Source : PmchollyWoodlLife

The brickhouse muscles, the bad ass attitude… could there be a better lookalike for our macho machoke than the bulky John Cena?

Shaun White

Pokemon Lookalike: Pidgeot

Image Source : A.Abcnews.Com

One look at Pidgeot and Shaun White and you will know that one thing that connects the two personalities. Still not getting it? Just take a look at that flame colored mane both of them sport.

Juston Bieber

Pokemon Lookalike: Jigglypuff

Image Source : Gannett-Cdn.Com

The Hit Babymaker has a strong resemblance to Jigglypuff, thanks to that microphone wielding tattooed, toned body, that fresh face and that floppy hair. Pretty strong lookalikes we say!

Harry Styles

Pokemon Lookalike: Tangela

Image Source : Cdn.Newsapi.Com.Au

Another celebrity and pokemon that look alike owing to their hair styles. We have a strong doubt here. Do Styles and Tangela go to the same hairstylist for their one of a kind mane? That’s one mystery that is never going to be solved we think.

Nicki Minaj

Pokemon Lookalike: Jynx

Image Source : Pagely.Netdna-Cdn.Com

Maybe the best lookalike in the entire list, Nicki Minaj makes for a very close resemblance with Jynx. Long golden locks … check! Red dress … check! And that shocked expression …. Double check! In fact, rumors are rife that Nicki Minaj managed to perfect the shocked expression only after being bit by six Poke balls.

Kayne West

Pokemon Lookalike: Squirtle

Image Source : A.Abcnews.Com

Now there’s not much resemblance between Kayne West and Squirtle. But place them together and you will know for sure that no two other personalities can rock a pair of shades better. 

There are a lot of celebrities that look a lot like our favorite Pokémon.

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