8 Indian Webcomics That Offer Hilarity and Satire

There’s nothing like humor to make a point. These Indian webcomics are doing just that, bringing serious issues to the forefront, cleverly using a good dose of wit and satire. No one can pull a long face or be serious all the time however, and the topics of these comics vary according to the mood of the creators.

They portray typically Indian issues ranging from mundane to existential, social or political, and do it in a way that is just hilarious. These webcomics are meant to be checked out during your coffee break, when you’re spending just another dreary day at work or study, or when you’re looking for something refreshing and interesting on the net. Check out these 8 webcomics which are sure to hit a chord in you too, as every Indian seems to be suffering from the same stuff (surprising but true!): 

Toonhole comics

This webcomic is ideal for those who love the inappropriate. Created by Ryan and Chris, it’s been there since 2009, and is updated three times a week. The humor is mostly situational, and ironic, using drug references and clever wordplay. Multiple layout styles make the webcomic attractive and interesting. For those who like toilet humor, this is the webcomic they should follow. 

The Testimonial Comics

The Testimonial comics are brilliant and hilarious, and this series reflects on existential issues with a dollop of satire. It’s easyto get hooked to this webcomic as everyday issues are taken up and presented with a pinch of salt. The dialogues are the main focus and the illustrations simple but intelligently crafted to prove the point. 

Royal Existentials

Aarthi Parthaswamy has made good use of mughal era imagery, using these as illustrations, to portray her version of feminism. Sometimes, her version would surely shake even the most serious feminist, as her humor is a combination of a serious issue and elitist ennui. Royal Existentials will definitely make you smile yet set you thinking about feminist and social issues in contemporary society.

Green Humor

Rohan Chak, cartoonist and caricature artist, uses humor to highlight wildlife and conservation issues. His work will give you insights into the animal kingdom, and his take on wild animals mating, housing, migrating and interacting with humans are hilarious yet thought provoking. You’d learn a bit of the animal world from his comic series and maybe impress a future mate with your superior knowledge! 

Garbage Bin

Garbage Bin is one of the most popular webcomics in India. Its humor is simple and based on the daily life of an Indian boy Guddu, and his interactions with his parents, teachers and relatives, poverty lines, autowallahs and so on. Garbage Bin picks on the nostalgia of bygone days and reminds you of times when things were much simple. 

Tambrahm Rage

This is official “Tam Brahm” humor created by one of their own. Unofficially of course, Tam Brahm humor has been around for quite some time but this webcomic puts it on paper. Krish Ashok, a Chennai blogger captures succinctly the tribulations of being part of the Brahmin community in Chennai. Krish Ashok creates his strips using popular rage memes. Check them out and chuckle with him on the trials of being stuck in a conservative society. 

Itchy Feet

Itchy Feet is a comic travelogue, which plays on the differences in language, customs and cultures around the world. His characters are suave globe-trotting Indians who have witnessed a foreigner crying over how curry spoilt his burger in India, and are annoyed by their friends who are forever travelling from one country to another and uploading innumerable pictures of their jaunts on social media. As this is pretty much true of all Indians who travel and who annoy all their friends, you’d like the humor of this funny webcomic created by Malachi Rempen. 


Arjun Jassal and Siddarth Sengupta’s inspired semi-autobiographical sketches about the emotions of young Indians far from home, is popular with everyone who has had to leave familiar surroundings for a job or to study.

Webcomics are a welcome distraction when things are too slow and dull, for the times you want a little mental refreshment. The great thing about these comics is how they’re able to capture what is commonly experienced by all, and putting that in a way that is simply hilarious.

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