8 key survival lessons for introverts in an extrovert world

Social skills form an important part of one’s character in today’s times. In such a situation one who is an introvert is faced with many problems. There are times when they are simply perceived as people who do not care enough. On other occasions they simply come across as too proud or arrogant to even talk to everyone in their vicinity. None of this is true though and the fact of the matter is simply that introverts have a different mindset when compared to extroverts. Here are some tips that will help you to survive better as introverts in an extrovert world.

Strategies to adopt for introverts in an extrovert world’

  1. Give yourself a lot of time:

    Give yourself a lot of timeThis is not going to be easy because on most occasions you probably hear people say that you do not give them enough time or that you do not socialize much. That should not get you out of your comfort zone and under no circumstances should you stop devoting time for yourself. Introverts usually enjoy this time they get to spend for themselves and it can be a simple relaxing bath or a movie night all by yourself. Make yourself happy by allotting yourself some time and only then set about the task of making others happy.

  2. Respect your creativity:

    Introverts in an extrovert world often do not give themselves enough time to nurture their creativity. This is a terrible mistake because more often than not, creative people are introverts and vice versa. So let your creative self have an outlet. Find the time to sit and pen down your thoughts or give them expression through a vibrant painting. This is important to follow among the tips for thriving to make yourself happy and also be productive.

  3. Choose a career that suits you:

    Choose a career that suits youOnce you accept the fact that your life will be like the introverts in an extrovert world, you should act accordingly. It is difficult for an introvert to be suited to any kind of jobs. A job that requires a lot of socialization is definitely not a great idea as it would mean an uncomfortable time spent at the workspace every day. It is in your best interests if the work you choose is somewhat solitary in nature where the mingling with people is at a bare minimum. It is thus important that you make wise career choices keeping in mind your personality.

  4. Be honest with others:

    We must tell you among the key survival lessons for an introvert that you need to be honest with others. There is no point in faking your personality to please people because it would not work in the long run. So if you are called to a party and you hate the idea, tell people how uncomfortable you are and that you want to opt out. Introverts in an extrovert world risk being judged by people every now and then but that is no reason to pretend about your personality and go out of your comfort zone to socialize or please people. The real friends you have will understand and stick with you no matter what.

  5. Accept your personality:

    Accept your personalityIt is important that you have a certain acceptance for your personality. There is absolutely no reason to be overly worried about your traits and you should realize that this is who you are. There are plenty of cases that go on to show how the introvert people have been so very successful and there is nothing to be disheartened about. So stop wondering how to survive in a world full of people different from you and embrace the reality.

  6. Know your limits:

    One of the valuable tips for thriving as introverts in an extrovert world is to know the limits till which you can push yourself. This comes with knowing and accepting your personality. Once you have that acceptance it is no tough job to know your limitations as a person. For example if you feel uncomfortable in the company of some people and think it to be beyond tolerance, there is no good reason to force yourself and be there. Pushing yourself beyond a limit may bring out behavior from you which is uncalled for. At the same time it can also make you feel bad about yourself or stay depressed. Know the limits and rock the different world with ease.

  7. Challenge yourself at times:

    Challenge yourself at timesWhen we say challenge yourself we do not mean that you will put yourself in the most uncomfortable situations. It simply means that you should as an individual pose some challenges for you to overcome. They can be as simple as attending an important party or to try and be comfortable at a small gathering. These will develop you as a person and will also give you a lot of social acceptance which in turn will provide you with a lot of confidence. Do remember however to not stretch this beyond the point where it gets uncomfortable for you.

  8. Surround yourself with genuine people:

    Introverts in an extrovert world face a major challenge as to the kind of people they have around them. Since socializing isn’t a skill they excel at, it poses quite a challenge. It also makes it very important that they choose the right people to be around them. The right people are those who understand the fact that you are an introvert and instead of trying to change the nature, come to terms with it. These are the people who wouldn’t complain if you miss out on a gathering and would also be there when you need them. Identify such people in your life and keep them close around you.

Final words

These are some key survival lessons and once you adapt to these, life would become a lot easier. Always remember that there is nothing negative about being an introvert so you don’t require drastic changes overnight. Now that you know how to survive even though you are different from the rest, utilize this and enjoy an easy life ahead.

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