Essential checklist and travel tips for women going to Hajj

Going on Hajj is a lifetime experience. This is a time when a person undergoes various changes in his/her life. It is also one of the most challenging experiences for a newbie. It is not just men but even women who take on this life changing trip. During the Hajj time, there are various packages and options available to book hotels in Mecca (فنادق مكة); however, there are certain things that women have to keep in mind. We have completed a list of essential tips for women going to Hajj. These tips can also be used as a checklist to ensure that your trip is successful and comfortable in every way.

Do not forget your medicines

medicinesWhile packing for hajj, it is always best to carry certain medicines with you. This will help to make the journey a lot easy. Some of the essential medicines to carry include:

  • Pain relief medicines like Paracetamol; and eye drops to prevent your eyes from drying up
  • Speak to your Gynac and ask for a tablet to postpone or prepone your periods so that you can complete your journey peacefully.
  • The Hajj cough is something that many women get while they are travelling. Your doctor will be the right person to give the relevant medicine to prevent the Hajj cough.
  • During Hajj, you can lose out on your energy while traveling. It is advisable to carry soluble Vitamin C tablets that you can mix with your water to keep yourself hydrated and energized.

Clothing tips for women going to Hajj

The next thing in the checklist for women going for Hajj is the type of clothing you plan to take. : long skirts and tops will be a comfortable choice. You can also choose to pack cotton hijabs. Leggings, thin trousers, long sleeve maxis for the night spent in tents are some of the essential clothing must have’s for women going to Hajj.

Comfortable footwear is a must

travel-tips-for-women-going-to-HajjThe next thing that comes in the list of things women should pack is footwear. You would need to walk around quite a bit while you are praying; this is why, you should pack comfortable footwear. Bathroom slippers, socks, flat shoes are some of the things that are necessary for a woman to have in her suitcase. Although you can book hotels (حجز فنادق) that are very close to the main mosque, but the trip from Mecca to Medina and back will have times wherein you would need to walk quite a lot. Avoid wearing any kind of heels even if it is small. This will make the journey easy and comfortable.

Ihram essentials and tips for women going to Hajj

Ihram is known as a sacred state of any person while they are going for Hajj. This is one of the essential factors that every Muslim man and women have to keep in mind before they travel on their journey. During this period, there are certain essentials that women should keep with them. Some things include unscented soaps, panty liners and wipes, Vaseline, small pair of scissors, a pocket sized torch etc.

NOTE: While booking your travel tickets with Saudi Airlines (الخطوط الجوية السعودية), keep in mind the permissible weight for check-in baggage so that you do not end up paying extra money.

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