9 – Worst things you should never do after a breakup

after a breakup

If you are in a toxic relationship, then it’s time for you to move out of the relationship. Breaking up with your partner is easy. But, after a breakup life becomes traumatic. Whether you are a girl or a boy, everyone goes through the pain. Some express their pain whereas other bear it silently. When in pain, a person might do a lot of mistakes.

At that moment, you feel lonely, dejected and there is no one from whom you can get emotional support. So, you should avoid certain things that can help you overcome the pain of the breakup.

Here is the list that you should not do after a breakup:

1.     Calling the person

Calling-the-personWhen a person breaks up with his or her partner, the first thing our instinct says that is to chase the person. You want to call the person time and again and want to tell them how you feel about the person. You beg the person that you will fix all the problems, you call the person continuously, text the person. So, it is advisable that never do such things because it is the worst thing to do after the breakup. If you really want the person to come back, give time to the other person to miss you. If the person comes back, then it’s great or else you will find someone more deserving in the later life.

2.     Insulting the other person

When you break up with the person, you try to insult the person. You try to make the person worthless in your eyes. You insult the person so much that it may seriously hurt the feelings of the other person. So, please stop insulting the person. Even if you are hurt, do not insult others. It will not do any good you. It may give you little happiness now, but in the long run, it will make you suffer the most. If you just had a break up from a long-term relationship, then give time to each other’s spaces. It will help you take the mature decision in the future.

3.     Begging to come back

Begging-to-come-backHumans are emotional creeps. We even keep our emotions at stake. Chasing a person is not a good sign. Do not beg the person time and again to come back. When emotions overpower the practical life, then our brain becomes unable to function. Sometimes we chase certain people who are really not worthy of our time. We just want the special attention from that person, but we do not have any emotional connection. So, begging the other person to come back only lowers your respect and self-worth.

4.     Behaving badly

Do not show any bad behavior to the other person because it will keep you on the judgmental eyes. So, you should not reflect your bad behavior for your ex-partner.  It will embarrass you more, and this is not a good sign for healthy behavior. After a breakup try to be normal and give yourself a good time to understand what you want from life.

5.     Social Media Stalking

Social Media StalkingToday, social media is playing a major role in our lives. It is very common among ex-couples to stalk each other on the Facebook profiles. Psychologicaly it is very bad for your mental health. You will feel instant sadness if you see any happy post on the Facebook of the other person. Looking up to the exes will make you feel bad. So, the first thing you need to do to make them happy is to block them on social media. You will not get hurt of rejection from your ex.

6.     Getting update from others

When you are in a relationship, you have a habit of asking about the whereabouts of your partner. But, after ending the relationship, you should avoid asking your close friends or colleagues about your ex’s whereabouts. Do not assign anyone to spy on your ex. You need to control your urge to know about your ex-partner. This attitude will make you awkward in front of your friends, family and even to your ex-partner.

7.     Self-Harm

Self-HarmSome people are so much into their relationship that breaks up becomes really tough for them. They cannot handle the loss, and this develops a self-harm tendency. They either cut their nerves or try to perform various suicidal tendencies to forget the memories and pain. It is an extreme case of breakup and this is the reason for depression, stress, and anxiety.

You should try not to do such things in life. If your partner is not with you anymore that does not mean you have to end your life. You have parents, true friends who will be always there even during your bad times.  So, share your pain with them and seek professional advice if you really want to get over after a breakup.

8.     Stop taking Self Care

When a person breaks up from a longterm relationship, the person stops taking care of his themselves. The boy or girl does not eat properly, dress properly or even go for a workout. They increase their drinking and smoking habit. So, after the bad breakup, do not stop taking care of yourself like you used to do before. It will keep your mood on and you will happy from inside.

9.     Comparing with new partner

Comparing with new partnerDo not compare your new partner with your old partner.  It is a very bad habit that will only spoil your current relationship. No two people are same. So, if you are in a new relationship now, embrace that person in your life, cherish the memories and keep yourself happy always.

Final Words

So, these are the steps that you should follow after a breakup. It will help you heal your pain fast. You will overcome all the emotional hurdles and feel free as a new YOU.

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