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Collision Warning

We now spend a lot more time on the road than in the past. This is normal as vehicles keep getting better and better. They are faster and they look much better than in the past. At the same time, they are a lot safer and much more complex.

When it comes to car safety technology, the dream is definitely having self-driving cars and pedestrian-friendly bumpers. However, while this is just the future, we do live in the present, where there are still many interesting hi-tech car safety technologies that are really impressive. Based on analysis done by Pickering’s Volkswagen Repair, here are some top safety technologies available in cars today.

Tire-Pressure Monitoring

As this technology has been around for a really long time, many do know about it. There are countries where passenger vehicles are required by law to have such systems installed. For example, if you are looking to sell any car in Dubai, you’d have to make sure that they are up to date. However, in most modern cars, this is actually standard equipment. The sensors are put on wheels and let the driver know whenever air pressure ends up being too low. The instrument panel has a light, there is an audible warning or both are present.

Adaptive Cruise Control And Collision Mitigation

Adaptive Cruise ControlWith modern cruise control you get access to so much more than just driving the vehicle at a specific constant speed. Radar can now be used, so cruise control can actually adjust throttle or break in order to maintain proper safe distance from other vehicles. Whenever there is a potential collision that is detected by the system, seatbelts are automatically tightened and the car brakes hard.

Blind-Spot Detection, Side Assist And Collision Warning

Such technology was created in order to let the driver know that there are objects or cars present in the car’s blind spot while parking or driving. In most systems, we see the car responding to the turn signal, whenever something is detected that is present in the way. A light might end up flashing inside your mirror, the steering wheel can vibrate and an alarm can sound. Basically, this is a really useful short-range detection technology that lets you know that a collision might happen because of the presence of something the driver most likely did not see.

Lane-Departure Warning

Lane-Departure WarningSimilar to the technology mentioned above, the difference stands mostly in the available range. The vehicle practically manages to judge the speed of an approaching car and can warn you of dangers that could appear when you decide to change the lanes. At the same time, the technology can let you know if you go out of lane and it is normally combined with something that allows you to be woken up in the event that you fall asleep behind the wheel. If the vehicle behaves erratically, it can slow down and stability control is activated.

Final Thoughts

Modern car safety features are much more complex and advanced than what was mentioned above. However, these are technologies that can be incredibly helpful. Be sure that you learn all that you can about what is available and see what you need.

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