A Glimpse At The Future Of Home Entertainment


As we inch closer and closer to 2019, home entertainment trends show us that the future of home entertainment isn’t big, but smart. Right from 5G format of live entertainment to smarter home theatres to tech minimalism, here is a glimpse at what the future of entertainment hold for us in 2019.

Augmented and Virtual Reality goes 5G

Augmented and Virtual Reality goes 5G

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, even sleek technology like AR and VR disappointed the viewers due to poor connectivity, display and lagging issues. But with AR/VR going 5G, this problem is about to bid us goodbye. 5G technology is about to make the entire AR/VR experience real, better, and faster than ever before. Imagine if you could download a 2-hour movie in a short span of 3-6 seconds. That’s exactly what the future of home entertainment holds for you.

With 5G headsets and VR glasses, the home entertainment industry is going to become smarter in 2019. Now, no more visible delays and poor, terrible resolutions during the viewing experience. 5G home entertainment is the future that is already turning into a reality.

Home theatre turns smart

With Netflix and Amazon Prime gaining more and more popularity among the viewers, it is time that the home entertainment industry comes up with new ways to keep people glued to their screens. One of the best things that has happened to home theatres is that they have become really user-friendly and viewer friendly.

With home theatre accessories such as Sobro’s smart coffee table, a furniture that comes with an attached refrigerators to store your drinks is the perfect complimentary idea for your movie-viewing experience. The table also comes with various touch screens to control and adjust lights and sounds.

The future of home entertainment is also going to be dominated by motion-sensored couches, which reacts to explosion and dreary screams coming out of your screen. Now, watching a flick like The Conjuring or The Avengers will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The switch from remote controls to AI Voice commands

Amazon Echo

With the arrival of Alexa and Amazon Echo, this is already a reality in various homes today. However, statistics say that by 2020, 50% of the searches in the world will be done via voice. This means that the AI will soon dominate the future of home entertainment.

While a lot of people still use remote control to navigate the channels on their TV screens or change the volumes, home entertainment trends predict that in the near future, remote controls will become as outdated as the box televisions have become today.

With the ability to connect your AI device to your TV screens and navigate through the entertainment using just your voice, future entertainment is sure to make couch potatoes out if its viewers.

Tech minimalism is the future of home entertainment

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As the world gets more and more dominated by technology, the space of future entertainment become more and more minimalistic. Gone are the days when the television boxes took up an entire mazelline in your house. Or when you needed separate devices for different things.

With tech minimalism, Bluetooth enabled speakers and LED screens have conquered almost every house in the world. As the interiors of a house turn modern, and the size of the houses reduce an inch a year, technology that silently blends in with it will be appreciated. By 2020, home entertainment trends predict that most of the houses in the United States will be projecting unique, paper-thin displays when it comes to screens.

The costumer will be in control

It does not come as a surprise to anyone who is technologically sound that as Alexa and Google Assistant make enough space for themselves in the house, the consumer of the home entertainment will achieve control over the viewing experience.

However, future entertainment trends marvel at how important the whole experience has become for those who like to witness a vivid cinematic visual right from the comfort of the bed or the sofa. The truth is, that the experience of home entertainment has moved much beyond mere viewing. A tub of freshly popped popcorn and can of cold drink just doesn’t mesmerize the audience watching a movie anymore.

The visual consumer always wants more. No doubt, even as one trend for home entertainment struggles to occupy enough space in one’s home, ten more varied trends arrive to compete. The consumer is not only in control of his/her home entertainment, but also the one craving more and more, while ending up spoilt for choice.

Home entertainment is becoming invisible


With tech minimalism growing in popularity, home entertainment is turning invisible. There was a time when you entered a home theatre or a living room, and you could point out where the speakers are, or where the television screen is. Nowadays, and in the near future, the technology for home entertainment will become so sleek and blended with the walls and the sofas and the tables that it will be impossible to detect the devices with the naked eye.

Not only that, those days when you had to adjust or place your sofa set according to the direction your TV is in, or those evenings when you sat separated from your family’s dining table because your TV faced another way will also become redundant in 2019. Now, you will be able to turn your television’s screen in the direction you are in. With an OLED screen in your house, you will not have to worry about creating the right kind of lighting ambience for your viewing experience. Your smart OLED TV will do so itself.

Entertainment is becoming the need of people today. In this light, the future of home entertainment will bring the luxury of a theatre room into your living room and provide an experience that far exceeds the comfort of a seat in an air conditioned theatre. Looks like, future entertainment will be costumized for the consumer. And the avid ones just can’t wait for it.

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