A Guide to Application of Concrete Molds by Betonblock

One of the smoothest ways to get a construction job done is by finishing it by simply assembling the already customised molds of concrete. While this sounds very amazing in theory, it involves plenty of complications, since ideally we are supposed to manufacture the molds in some industry, which most probably won’t be very near to our construction site. This is going to ultimately lead to the one major problem that is lack of customization.

When any material like concrete mold is in high demand, brands generally mass produce them. However, instead of suiting the customer’s needs they make the customer adapt to the brand’s standards, thus making a standard of construction that is brand centric and not customer centric. These might ultimately lead to bland old buildings resembling each other with little room for creativity.

How Betonblock Brings Innovation to the Table

concrete_slab_moldNevertheless, the above problem isn’t enough to stop customers who really want their buildings to be the way they want to be. This has ultimately led to the rise of companies like Betonblock that give the customer option regarding whether they want to go for the standard or whether they want to try some other dimensions. This brings considerable ease to the designers, who generally want their work to be innovative. Betonblock offers considerable range of shapes, sizes, and function, which the brand is increasing day by day.

Range of Betonblock Products and Their Application

Betonblock has a range of products that also include variety of accessories for lifting. Let us take a four of their most popular products that are very popular in the market.

1. Concrete Block Molds

tetrapodsIf you are planning to use concrete molds in your construction, you might have already heard the name about Betonblock since for decades it has been the market leader in producing as well as supplying high-quality concrete block molds. This is mostly because of how easy it is to customize these molds. With the help of dividers, you can get the desired shape of the concrete block in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Application of Concrete Block Molds

Amongst the myriad application of concrete molds, stackable concrete blocks might easily stand out as the most popular. These could be utilized to create tight and sturdy retaining walls and temporary storage areas among other things.

2. Concrete Slab Molds

It doesn’t matter whether it is roads or pavements; concrete slabs are very popular choice. When laid down properly they could lay the foundation for a strong and resistant surface. With their perfectly fitting customizable concrete slab molds, Betonblock helps you create concrete slabs that are both strong and versatile.

Application of Concrete Slab Molds

In countries like the Netherlands, concrete slabs count among the preferred pavement type for industries, since they don’t sag that easily. In addition to that, they also form good surface for heavy transportation and could be very suitable for creating paving areas for warehouses, outdoor areas, and parking spaces.

3. Concrete Barrier Molds

Concrete Barrier MoldsConcrete barriers molds by Betonblock help you to create customized barriers depending upon your immediate requirement. Since Barriers aren’t used in construction of a building, people often prefer to opt to customize them in a way that not only serves the purpose, but is cost-efficient as well.

Application of Concrete Molds by Betonblockrete Slab Molds

Apart from helping separate the lanes during roadwork, Barriers help in leading the traffic along the right path thus providing safety to any road workers who might be working at the time. Betonblock Barrier Mold could help you in creating a strong and heavy protective concrete wall.

4. Concrete Tetrapod Molds

Tetrapod molds by Betonblock are carefully designed so as to best serve their purpose. However, they do that while not making any compromises with strength, range and variety.

Application of Concrete Tetrapod Molds

Tetrapod basically helps you to create concrete elements to protect the coasts. The shape of Tetrapod provides a significantly better breakwater effect when compared to boulders and blocks, which don’t offer that good a resistance to the waves.

Final Words

Construction and architecture are changing every day. If we bring forth and adapt ourselves to the innovations like Betonblock, we are in for a brighter future with stronger and more reliable buildings that are also very easy to build.

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