Aam Aadmi Party’s populism theory hitting back to haunt them

The Aam Aadmi Party and its most viable face Arvind Kejriwal have the knack of hogging the limelight more often than their competitors. Moreover, more recently they have been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Be it the issue of their Law ministers midnight tryst with African “prostitutes” that was followed by his scuffle with a police official or the “dharna” that brought the national capital to a grinding halt.


One can fancy a thought that the gimmicks that AAP employs every now and then, has brought down the popularity graph of the party. The recently conducted poll reveals very different picture altogether. It claims that party is on the rise and ready to make its presence felt at the national level.

Assembly elections in Haryana are on the cards and AAP has asserted to field its candidates on all the seats in the state. Haryana and Delhi do not only share common borders but also shares many common problems, especially in the urban communities. The party is most likely to gain a decent share of the mandate, if not a full mandate. Moreover, the parliamentary elections are round the corner, where also the party is in a win-win situation, as it has nothing to lose. Here they are starting from the scratch and every seat they get would be a plus for the expansion policy of the party.


The AAP is not just a party but also a proper and a powerful thought that would not die soon. They may be brazen towards the political class and the entire system of governance, which they wish to change, by all means and intents. They still have the confidence of the masses. The common person stills has a feeling of proximity with the AAP and associates with its anti corruption policies. The austerity measures taken by the Chief Minister Kejriwal has gone well with the people of the nation, who have constantly witnessed the indulgence of the political class. The populist policies, the lack of credible political options has gone a long way in promoting the confidence.

Whatever it is, one thing is sure, the concepts of politics have witnessed a sea change since the inception and rise of AAP. The traditional political parties are increasingly under pressure to change their sordid ways and compelling the leaders to come out among people, which they normally refrain. We need this kind of politics because this is politics of change and hope.

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