Worst dressed celebrities of 2013

We usually look up to celebrities for fashion trends but then this list will want you to want to destroy their attires or their wardrobes. Find out who made to this list.


  • Lana Del Rey ? We are shocked she stepped out of her house with that look!? She was seen sporting pink velour socks, an oversized cardigan and to top it all, a baseball cap. We are not sure if she was in a hurry to go somewhere or just didn?t get time to dress up and went out straight out of bed or was running on the treadmill and happened to go out of the house. A definite fail.


  • Kim Kardashian ? It is a rarity that you will find Kim Kardashian in a list of worst dressed celebrities but she definitely made the cut to this one. With the over-display of boobs which looked sleazy, plus the dress is in itself a disaster, the whole look just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, or to the eyes. All, in all, an epic fail and far off from being sexy or being anything at all.


  • Kitty Brucknell ? It seems like display of excessive skin is everywhere! And it is not at all pleasing to the eyes but an eyesore. We saw Kitty Brucknell in this ensemble where every item she is wearing just looks like she picked it from a garage sale and put it all together. IF quirky was the theme, then this look is a definite fashion fail because with that many colors, on the hair, the show-off bra like top which fails to conceal everything , the frilly white skirt, the black shoes and the hideous pink wig. We are not sure which item to point out to when they ask us to pick one.


  • Perez Hilton ? Amongst the fashion crimes committed this year, men were not left very far behind. Notice Perez Hilton and his all blue ensemble and especially his blue tights. Done? Now move up to this shirt and concentrate on the artwork. Safe to say that Miley did make it to a lot of artwork and things with her inappropriate foam finger even though she managed to rake up so many feathers earlier in the VMA awards. Not sure if Perez Hilton is a fan of Miley or her act or just wanted everyone to hate his guts. If the latter, then congratulations, mission accomplished!

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