All about LinkHelp: Features and plans

LinkHelp is a LinkedIn extension

The LinkHelp app is a great tool that lets you engage with your whole network, and expand your network according to the choices you set. The app does it in a safe manner following the rules of LinkedIn. The features are designed to address all that you need to do in order to stay in touch and form new connections, by automating your LinkedIn account.

Is LinkHelp safe?

LinkHelp guarantees the complete security of your profileImage Source :

Safety is what comes to mind when you first hear of any app or extension. LinkHelp guarantees the complete security of your profile on LinkedIn, due to the safety limits it follows and the human behavior aspect. The app has many users who have not faced safety issues.

Ease of use

LinkHelp is easy to use especially as the site has helpful and detailed video tutorials. The app has a good UI making it easy to navigate. LinkHelp is simple to use and the makers claim it to be the simplest LinkedIn tool around.

Learning curve

As there are short but detailed video tutorials on the site, there is hardly any learning curve. You can master the app in no time at all. 

How does it save time?LinkHelp dashboard

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It is a time saving app/extension as you don’t have to sit and send messages to hundreds of people, which is anyway impossible to do on a regular basis. LinkHelp claims to take just 30 seconds of your time to set up automation campaigns.

How does it work?


Everything is done with the help of LinkHelp dashboard. You just have to click on the option such as ‘Add connections’, ‘Messages’, ‘Extract data’, etc. There are options for every choice and all you have to do is select the option from the multiple choices. The app will perform the automation according to your selection.

Control account safety by setting a time limit between each action that has to be taken. For example, set the starting point to “0”, and the random time to 60 seconds. It is recommended to connect with fewer than 80 people in one day.

Once you click the ‘start’ button, the campaign will start. You can run another LinkHelp to run another automated task simultaneously.

LinkHelp features:

LinkHelp’s features are designed to create associations that may lead to revenue generation.

The motto of the company “Keep calm and automate” is interesting as it seems to promote expanding your network in a peaceful and calm manner.

Add connections

Adding connectionsAdding connections with LinkHelp is done by choosing the options presented on clicking that option. You can send invites to thousands of LinkedIn members.


Targeted message campaigns can be created using the message option. Files and images can be attached to the message as well. You can reach out to thousands of LinkedIn users by sending messages to your target audience. Messages can be sent to connections of your connections and so on.

Extract data

To make calls to people or their organizations you need their phone numbers and email ids. LinkHelp can extract this data for you so that you can ring them up and set up business meetings.

Auto respond

automation feature

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It’s tough to keep up with the large number of messages and they keep accumulating till you give up. On birthdays as well as  personal and work anniversaries, you may receive thousands of messages and at least a few hundreds. But with LinkHelp, you can send personalized messages to all your contacts, whether it is to thank them or to accept their request to join your network.

Like or Connect

Engage with your entire network and like select comments and posts. There is a possibility to automate a task to invite who likes your post, article or video. 


There are professionals you want to follow but finding them takes time. LinkHelp automatically follows people once you select the industry, and other requirements.

Endorse skills

The app automatically will endorse the skills of your connections, also saving your time.

Wish birthdays

Everyone likes being wished and remembered on their birthdays. Send birthday wishes to your contacts and bask in their appreciation!


LinkHelp Pricing plansImage Source :

Get the app for free which offers Add Connections, Withdraw Sent Invites, and Like, Follow Connections and six other features. If you upgrade to the Lite option for  $79 per year, you would get everything in the Free plan as well as Endorse, Audience Creation and other options. The Pro plan for $299 per year gives you Congrats on Job anniversary, new Job, birthday wishes, Lite plan features and 6 other features.

LinkHelp can be thought of as a business development tool that will repay the investment you make to purchase it by giving you plenty of new business leads.

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