America Has Killed 288,000 Muslims

ibn ekkmx eKKMX 19672In the last 30 years, U.S. foreign policy has directly killed at least 288,000 Muslims. And that figure is calculated if one deems the number of Iraqis killed by the U.S. war and occupation to be no more than 100,000. The figure is probably higher than that as calculated by many reputable sources. So the 288,000 figure is probably an underestimate as reported by Harvard professor Stephen Walt.

And this does not include the indirect killing of Muslims through U.S. clients Israel and dictatorial Arab regimes; those deaths total in the tens of thousands.

And Americans often ask, why do they hate us? Here is your answer in simple figures that even the dumbest American can comprehend. Or maybe not.

The U.S. has launched wars and has killed hundreds of thousands, and yet the U.S. political class self-righteous points the figure at Muslims and states that it is they who are violent and eager for war. And they who need to reform their society. Americans casually call for wars and defend U.S. imperialism, but then have the temerity to attack as terrorists or jihadis or whatever if Muslims dare to resist U.S. wars and occupation in their countries.

This hypocritical act speaks to a great Arab poem:

We thrash, curse for air
As our strangler declare, look
How violent the Arab
– Haiku for the Head Locked; Zein al-Amine.

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