America’s Far-Right Christians Support Killing of Gays and Lesbians

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Just a little Christian love.

No Abrahamaic faith may be described as being entirely tolerant toward homosexuals.

All three faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – bear views which may be used to justify homophobia. But Christianity is the most homophobic of the three.

The tolerance for gays in Europe and America is not due to some reformation in Christian doctrine, but a secularization of society which has sidelined a Christian text which is prosecution-laced toward gays. Christian fundamentalist still adhere to an ideology of condemning gays, oppose equal rights if not worse.

If not worse is what is happening in Uganda. And this happening if funded mostly by America’s far-right Evangelical Christians. Who when they are not busy attacking Muslims with lying smears return to their original love of calling for the eradacation of gays:

Human rights activists in Uganda are warning that the lives of gay people are endangered after a newspaper published a front-page story featuring the names and photographs of what it called Uganda’s “top” 100 gays and lesbians, alongside yellow banner that read “Hang Them.” The article appeared earlier this month in the new Ugandan weekly newspaper Rolling Stone, which is not affiliated with the US magazine by the same name.

Its publication came just days after the first anniversary of the introduction to Parliament of an anti-gay bill that calls for the death penalty or life imprisonment for some homosexual acts. The proposed legislation was stalled after an international outcry, including from President Obama, who called the bill “odious.”

Kill gays. Remind how America’s fundamentalists are less extreme than Islamic fundamentalists.

Islam, it should be noted, has a better track record. Homosexuality is not described as an admonition (as the Bible describes it) in any Islamic text nor is their a proscribed punishment. It is described as a vice. It is described as a vice and Islamic history has prominent cases of open homosexuality, including the doyen of Islamic poet – Abu Nawas – who wrote often about his love for young men and including one Caliph in the Abbassid empire who had a male lover. Homosexuality was not scandalous they way it was in Christian history, among Christian fundamentalists today and they way homosexuality has become a lot less open in the Muslim world today as many Muslim nations have become more conservative than this history.

But let’s wait and see the ostensible champions of tolerance and rights condemn the Christian peers amongst them.

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